New Church Launch: Luminous City

May 23, 2019

Stadia is proud that 15 new churches have already started in 2019 as a result of called and affirmed leaders partnering with us in our More & Better movement. All of these planters deserve our praise, but we are going to highlight just a few in the next few posts. Join us in covering these planters with prayer as they bring the Kingdom of God to their communities.

Gina and I grew up in New York and Miami, knowing the incredible need for hope in the urban environment. Our lives were changed later in our teen years when we met Jesus through the church in Miami. Soon after that God began to make some things very clear to us; He was calling us to join Him in what He was doing in the world, He was placing a passion in our hearts for a generation who don’t know God, and He was preparing us to start a movement. We have served in full time ministries for twenty years, from Florida to New Jersey.

For twelve years now we have had a dream to start a movement that would help a generation fall in love with God. We believe that our faith and God’s timing were two critical pieces. We believe now is the time. Our children are enjoying this new journey in the life of our family. Our lives were changed by Jesus and we know that if there is any hope for our world, it is through Him. Our dream is to start a movement through our churches that will turn cities into beacons of hope through Jesus. We want to give away hope till everyone in our city knows hope. That is something we believe Stadia is passionate about as well. That’s why God brought our paths together.

Stadia has been a champion for Luminous City church and the Isaziga family. From the start at Assessment, they have been laser focused on making sure the church launches healthy, strong, and ready to make a difference. Since our launch we have seen God move in amazing ways. People who were far from God have renewed relationships with Him. People who had no sense of purpose in the church have been given power to serve and make a difference. People who didn’t know the amazing love and hope of Jesus now do. All this and more because a new church was started. And that’s just it, we’re just getting started.

Luminous City

Carlos and Gina Isaziga

Lead Planters, Luminous City (San Diego, CA)