Nathan “Chivo” Hawkins Joins Stadia Team

Sep 10, 2015

Stadia is pleased to welcome Nathan “Chivo” Hawkins to our team as the new West Regional Executive. In this newly created role, Nathan will implement Stadia’s overall strategy in the western U.S., focusing on partner development, U.S. church planting, global church planting and Stadia advancement.

Nathan’s relationship with Stadia dates all the way back to the days he interned for Tom and Debbie Jones at Emmanuel Christian Seminary. Most recently he has served as a key player in our Global Church Planting strategy, serving as Compassion International’s Church Relations Director. Nathan has first hand experience in U.S. church planting, having led a church plant re-launch in New Orleans post-Katrina.

Nathan says he looks forward to recruiting and serving Stadia partners with the full spectrum of Stadia strengths and opportunities. He explains, “I’ve seen and led in all types of human efforts to develop and care for people and God continues to confirm two things: 1. Lasting transformation only happens in the context of a healthy relationship with Jesus and His bride. I am committed to the value of the local church, warts and all. 2. Like wet cement children are more open to impressions that last; providing for the healthy formation of children is the best thing we can do!”

He adds, “With a commitment to these two priorities, I am dedicated to Stadia’s vision and core values and a champion for Stadia partners.”

The addition of Nathan to the team, as well as Jeff Bennett joining the team full time, are all part of a reorganization process Stadia is undergoing to increase capacity and raise the organization’s impact.

Stadia President Greg Nettle says he couldn’t be more excited about Nathan joining the Stadia team. “Nathan brings a deep passion and extensive experience for both church planting and intentionally caring for children,” he says. “With Nathan on board, Stadia will be able to have greater impact throughout the U.S. and around the world!”

As an adoptee and adoptive father, Nathan is passionate about children who come from difficult backgrounds. Originally from inner-city Minneapolis, Nathan grew up in a Christian home in a culturally diverse environment. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Minnesota and work in sports broadcasting and rock climbing, he hungered for greater purpose. He served a church in Juarez, Mexico for a year and a half, which led him to seminary, where he caught the church planting bug.

Nathan and his wife Joy have three young children: Benicio, Taegen, and Grace. The Hawkins are a family that welcomes foster children and love connecting with the local church.