Upheaval and Disruption bring Opportunities and Challenges to Myanmar

Mar 30, 2021

On February 1, 2021 the Military in Myanmar seized control of the government and arrested the elected leader Ms. Suu Kyi.  She is currently jailed and facing various charges including possessing illegal walkie-talkies, violating COVID restrictions and publishing information that may “cause fear or alarm.”  They replaced her and her political party in response to a general election in which the party won in a landslide.  The Military is claiming significant election irregularities and has declared a year-long state of emergency.  Those party leaders that were able to escape have rallied in hiding and are now working to mobilize. This is not unprecedented in Myanmar as a Military Dictatorship ruled the country for most of the last half of the 20th century.

Stadia, in partnership with Asia Christian Services, supports the planting of new churches in Myanmar and has mobilized partners to resource the construction of a number of church buildings.  As a result of the events of the last few months, we wanted to update you from “on the ground” and invite you to pray.  Christians and congregations number in the tens of thousands in this Southeast Asian Country.


The current situation is one of confusion, anger, and uneasiness for our brothers and sisters who are serving and living in Myanmar. Protests are widespread and the military continues to use ruthless tactics to disperse the crowds and maintain control.  Local citizens are in shock.  They are unsure about what comes next.  Ordinary citizens are fearful of the risk of getting caught outside home in the chaos.


  • Peace and a return to some level of normalcy in day-to-day activities…
  • Pray for peace and the ending of violence and repressive activities of the ruling leaders…
  • Pray for God to protect and meet the needs of the people of Myanmar…

As a result of the coup, the economy is reeling. Businesses are closed.  Banks are only open a day or two a week and it is nearly impossible for people to withdraw cash to pay for basic necessities.  Food is becoming scarce in the cities.  Internet and other forms of communication have become spotty and unreliable.  Travel is restricted and military checkpoints have appeared on many major roads. It is very common for people to be stopped and detained if there is any suspicion of anti-military activity.


  • Businesses and banking to be able to re-open…
  • Pray for those who are unable to purchase food and risk starvation…
  • Pray for those who have been detained or are currently under surveillance…

Thankfully there has been no concerted effort to suppress Christianity or detain Christians simply because of their faith. We are unaware of any Stadia projects currently facing persecution beyond what they have faced prior to the coup.  However, coup leaders have strong ties to the Buddhist religion who have historically been opposed to Christianity.   


  • God to protect His children from persecution.
  • Pray for God to specifically watch over church Pastors and elders as they lead their congregations and share the Gospel message.
  • Pray that Jesus’ best representation by His people is kind, loving, and peaceful.

In the midst of this uncertain and difficult time in Myanmar we are amazed at how God is working. As always, God works in ways that are beyond our understanding. Pastors continue to regularly share stories and pictures of churches sharing the Gospel and engaged in meaningful worship.  And decisions to follow Jesus and baptisms continue unabated!


  • God to show His Power and Glory through the current events of Myanmar…
  • For doors to open for the Church to show the love of Christ to the people of Myanmar…
  • For Brothers and Sisters to be bold and empowered to proclaim the Love of Jesus.


It is truly heartbreaking to watch the events unfold in the country of Myanmar.  Stadia Global Team members have been in close contact with leaders on the ground. We are praying and continuing to support them through your generosity. Our workers on the ground have found ways to communicate with us in spite of spotty internet and phone service. We do believe that given the risk, a heightened security protocol is appropriate.

It is also amazing to see God continue to work and do powerful things through Jesus followers who continue to boldly proclaim the Gospel.  Churches continue to be planted.  Children are being rescued.  Hearts continue to be changed and God’s church is strong and growing.  God is moving and doors are opening.  We have the chance to expand the reach of the Gospel and plant many additional churches.  We invite you to join us in that effort.

To fund an evangelist who will plant churches and care for children in the midst of this crisis, click the button below. To discuss your involvement further, fill out our form and the Stadia global team will be in contact. 

Mike Gerber

Stadia Myanmar Specialist