Stadia Can Help Your Church Go Multisite

Jan 11, 2019

God has gifted you to be the catalytic leader of a thriving church. Your church is growing because of the work God is doing in and through it. It might be time to expand your church through multisite church planting and spread the hope of the Gospel even farther.

Stadia’s seasoned practitioners want to help you expand by providing expert help in the logistics of multisite planting. We work for you so that you can ensure that both your current church and your new campus thrive.

How Stadia Helps You Go Multisite

Initial Multisite Consultation

  • You and your church leaders will receive a free initial consultation with Stadia.This helps us understand your multisite dream and help you create a timeline that allows for multisite success.

Multisite Intensive

  • During this one-day multisite intensive, church leadership learn strategies for launching new campuses. You also receive training on how to contextualize those principles to a church’s unique culture and demographic.

Multisite Consultation and Training

  • Every month for four months, your team meets with Stadia’s multi-site leadership team.These video calls are set up for consultation, training, encouragement, and accountability.

Additional Stadia Multisite Services

  • In addition to multisite specific services, your multisite campus pastors have access to much of Stadia’s portfolio.