More & Better Day of Giving: Addison Cachero (Risen Church)

Sep 11, 2019

You are a vital link in Stadia’s work to launch new churches. Church Planters like Martin and Angela Cachero are San Diego natives. They launched Risen Church in 2016. Risen seeks to unite people from different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities into the family of God.

San Diego boasts a population 3.5 million people and it’s a city where less than 5 percent attend church. “Sharing the Good News of Jesus is important for the people of San Diego, including my two daughters,” says Martin.


Would you listen for a moment as Addison Cachero, age 7, shares why Risen Church is important?


Would you help Stadia plant More & Better churches today? Risen Church is an example of a Stadia church that has been planted where the light and hope of Jesus Christ can shine.

The need is urgent. We need More and Better churches to do this work.


Will you help us on September 25, Stadia’s Day of Giving?  OR do it TODAY!

Your gift will impact thousands of people with the hope found in Jesus Christ.


Please join Stadia in planting More & Better churches. Because together we won’t stop until every child has a church.