Making a Difference in South Asia

Jun 3, 2020

While facilitating a women’s conference in South Asia nearly three years ago, my sisters and I had the opportunity to share and connect with approximately 100 females, among whom were pastor’s wives, church planters, and community leaders. The majority of them are classified as being in the lowest caste – the untouchables. As a result, many of them are uneducated and unable to read.

Caste is inherited. At birth, every child inherits his or her ancestor’s caste, which therefore determines their social status and access to opportunities for employment and ownership of resources.

During our time with this group of eager and passionate female leaders, one key topic on which we spent a good bit of time was hygiene. In South Asia, hygiene is not discussed openly or even privately in most cases. And for those in the lowest caste, such as these female leaders, there is an overwhelmingly lack of knowledge of hygiene, whether it be female hygiene, general personal hygiene, dental hygiene, etc.

After offering practical examples and sharing knowledge, we said our goodbyes. Many of the women thanked is for spending time with them and helping them better understand their bodies and various health and hygiene practices. These women were now equipped with knowledge to share with people in their communities. People who, like them, were simply unaware and didn’t have the means or opportunity to educate themselves.

As an American, I grew up privileged. I never had to ask anyone how to floss my teeth or ask why washing my hands was important. And if I did have questions, I never lacked the resources to get answers. I have been afforded a multitude of opportunities in life. Many of these opportunities were given to me without much, or any, effort of my own. It is something I often take for granted.

As I’m sure many of us can relate – I didn’t earn or deserve the blessings I’ve been given. But – we can all share them with those who God calls us to love.

That is exactly what Enhance is doing.

Enhance is working to support men and women in South Asia by providing them with resources and an education, that otherwise they would not receive. They are being equipped with life skills and ministry training to share with their community and make the hope of Christ known. With each and every person – no matter their gender, race, or caste.

Enhance wants men and women in South Asia to know their value is derived from God.

This upcoming weekend, Stadia is hosting the Hope for South Asia Telethon. This is a direct way that you can make a difference in communities across the globe. Tune in to learn more about the work being done in South Asia – people’s lives, families, and communities are being changed because of the Hope found in Jesus. Then, join us in supporting Enhance as they equip these leaders to bring hope, in Christ’s name!


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Sunday June 7th, 6-9pm EDT
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Lauren is the Executive Producer for Streamline Event Agency in Nashville, TN.  Lauren began partnering with Stadia and Enhance in 2017 after her mom was diagnosed with cancer. Their family leveraged the 2 year fight with cancer to raise awareness and funds for women in South Asia, Gail’s Girls, named after her mom, Gail. She traveled to South Asia in 2017 with her sisters, honored to meet the women there. Lauren helps run events, create material, and writes to raise awareness and funds for Gail’s Girls and Enhance.
Lauren Hamilton

Executive Producer, Streamline Event Agency