LA Movement Planting Model

The LA CPM follows Stadia’s proven approach to church planting. It’s a network model of planting neighborhood churches:

We create a network of churches, foundations and individuals who are willing to partner to plant neighborhood churches. They come together to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that indicates their financial commitment for a particular church plant. They may commit to multiple MOUs or a single MOU. Our goal is to raise $240,000-275,000 (including Stadia’s investment of $60,000) for each church plant.

Network Managing Partner:
Stadia serves as the managing partner of the LA CPM. Stadia typically provides the following:

  • $60,000 (in best practice services) toward each LA CPM church plant.
  • Assistance with recruiting planters for LA CPM church plants.
  • Assessment (an extensive process to determine the qualification and readiness of the planter).
  • Training, including an extensive boot camp on how to plant.
  • Coaching (professional coaching for about 2 years).
  • Project management (expert church planting administrative support)
  • Accounting services
  • Teaching on best practices
  • Maximizing the role of women in church planting through bloom! ministry.

Over the last 5 years, Stadia church plants’ success rate is 90%.

Management Team
When an MOU is signed for a plant, a Management Team (a subset of people in the network) for that plant is created to oversee the hiring of the planter and provide some accountability for the planter.

Ongoing Church Planting Investment
Every church planted becomes a part of the local church planting network. They tithe 10% of their offerings for future church planting (5% to Stadia and 5% to be used in their local network).

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