Dr. Thomas & Debbie Jones Church Planting Impact Award

Mar 12, 2020

Stadia Church Planting is excited to celebrate awarding Tom and Debbie Jones a new award named in their honor, the Dr. Thomas and Debbie Jones Church Planting Impact Award.

The award was presented to the Jones’ at Stadia’s annual Celebration and Dessert Party at Exponential in Orlando, FL on March 3, 2020. The Dr. Thomas and Debbie Jones Church Planting Impact Award will be awarded in the future to leaders like the Joneses who champion the cause of church planting with their words and with their actions.

Together, Tom and Debbie have planted two churches, one in Princeton, NJ and one in Centerville, OH. Tom joined Stadia in 2003 and became Executive Director of the nationwide Church Planting organization shortly after. Tom’s leadership has been instrumental in positioning Stadia where it is now, having just helped our 1000th church planter start a new church. Additionally, Tom spearheaded Stadia’s global church planting efforts by creating an unprecedented partnership with Compassion International in 2011. In the last nine years, hundreds of churches have been planted in Latin America as a result of that partnership, and more than 50,000 children have been sponsored.

Debbie has also been instrumental in the story of Stadia. In 2007, Debbie created the ministry, Bloom, which works hard to empower and pave the way for women in leadership at church plants all across the country. While Stadia has been celebrating 1000 churches planted, Bloom has also crossed a milestone under Debbie’s vision and leadership; celebrating 1000 women being served by this life-giving ministry. As a part of her work with Stadia and Bloom, and also because it is what she is passionate about, Debbie regularly coaches and consults with leaders in churches and denominational organizations across the country.

At the beginning of 2020, both Tom and Debbie transitioned to new roles within Stadia, using their years of expertise and their passion for church planting to invite others into this critical mission.

In the past 17 years, the Joneses have helped lead Stadia to plant 1000 churches across the United States and globally. It is this legacy of leadership and commitment to the vision of planting churches until every has a church that inspired the creation and presentation of the inaugural Dr. Thomas and Debbie Jones Church Planting Impact Award.

Stadia Church Planting is grateful for the impact Tom and Debbie Jones have had, not just in church planting, but in eternity through their faithful service to God’s call. We look forward to their continued impact in their new roles with Stadia and to seeing the ripple effects of their legacy in the years to come.