denver church planter discovery 2018

Denver, Colorado needs new churches. A 2014 Gallup poll ranked Colorado 38th on a list of states in terms of religiosity. Just over a third of the people polled in the state identified as very religious. And that takes into account all religions. A 2016 survey found that in Denver, only seven percent of the population is active in Christian Churches. That means there are just 48,000 people trying to tell 635,000 other people about Jesus.

There are a lot of churches in the Denver area doing incredible work, but they know and Stadia knows that new church plants reach people far from God at an incredible rate. There is much work to be done in Denver to make the name of Jesus famous, and a huge part of that work is church planting.

Stadia and the city of Denver are ready for church planters passionate about telling the people of the city about Jesus. Have you been thinking about church planting? We need you. Denver needs you. Do you know a catalytic leader who would make an incredible church planter?  We need them. Denver needs them.

Who’s next?

Are you a catalytic leader who is ready to start a great church in Denver? or Somewhere Else? Stadia is ready to help!