As a child’s sponsor, you are helping to change the trajectory of their lives, while also giving their local church pastor credibility as their church hosts the development center that provides these services. You have the opportunity to write letters and pray for your sponsored child, acting as a “godparent” to them. Your sponsorship of a child means they will be cared and provided for in four specific areas of development. 


Children get the opportunity to hear and learn about Jesus’ love while being cared for by their local church.


Children are given the opportunity to attend or stay in school.


Each child is fed nourishing meals, given medical care , and taught personal health and hygiene practices.


Each child experiences mentoring and building relationships with peers in a safe place.

Thank you for your generosity. Your monthly support will help this child hear about Jesus and His grace and hope while also releasing them from poverty! Please ask any questions you may have by email to [email protected]