Global Church Planting

Until every child - everywhere - has a church.
Global PartnershipsSponsorship

Every child needs a church, all around the world.

Stadia serves generous churches, businesses and families who want to change the world by providing a church home for every child. Lives are changed and communities are transformed through unique partnerships with world changers like you and indigenous leaders in 17 countries on 4 continents around the globe.

Latin America

Together with Stadia and Compassion International, church planting in Latin America releases children from poverty and introduces them to the hope of Jesus.

South Asia

Together with Stadia and Enhance*, church planting in Southern Asia enables indigenous leaders to care for village children through planting house churches in villages.

Thailand & Myanmar

Together with Stadia and Asia Christian Services, church planting in Southeast Asia introduces children and their families to Jesus through quality education and new churches.


Together with high-impact organizations already on the ground, Stadia will facilitate planting in at least 3 different African countries by the end of 2020. Key partnerships are under development.