Global Partner Highlight: The Timothy Initiative

Jan 30, 2020

Simran’s mother wept. How long would the gods ignore her pleas for healing? For eleven years, she performed religious rites, made expensive sacrifices, and devoted her life to the gods. Still, her daughter was deaf and mute. She was devastated and desperate. 

Then she met a TTI disciple maker named Roshni. Roshni shared the Gospel with her and told stories of how Jesus healed the deaf and mute. It sparked hope in her heart, and she took her daughter to Roshni’s church. 

When they arrived, the church surrounded Simran and cried out to God for healing. As they prayed, a sound erupted from Simran’s lips. After eleven years of silence, Simran spoke. Her mother heaved sobs of joy and relief and surrendered her life to Christ.

Simran and her mother can’t stop telling others about what Jesus has done in their lives. He healed and saved them—and they will spend eternity with Him.

This disciple maker carried out the Great Commission and this woman and her daughter will experience eternity because of it. Making disciples who make disciples and planting churches that plant churches; this is what The Timothy Initiative believes the best way to fulfill the Great Commission, and so does Stadia. 

Stadia is partnering with TTI to equip local leaders to make disciples and plant churches specifically in Nepal. 

This starts through TTI’s training, where these local leaders are given the necessary tools, resources, and strategies to reach their nations for Christ.

TTI’s training has three phases that center on spiritual multiplication, obedience-based discipleship, and mentoring. 


A local, seasoned church planter and trainer leads a group of disciple makers through TTI’s introductory book, Disciples Making Disciples. The emphasis is on evangelism, disciple making, and church formation. 


Disciple makers go through the entire Bible using TTI’s ten-book training materials. During this phase, they share their faith, plant churches, and raise up other believers to make disciples and plant churches. 


The church planting trainer continues to walk alongside disciple makers as they grow in their leadership, maturity, and move their churches towards sustainability.

During the two-year training, each church planter is expected to plant at least one multiplying church in their region. These churches meet in homes, on mountaintops, under trees, and in river beds. It is sustainable, reproducible, and cost-effective.

Stadia partners with TTI by funding these new church planters’ training and follow-up reporting.


Passionate about the church and the people she’s been called to serve, Andrea has spent the entirety of her professional career in ministry. As a director at Mosaic Christian Church, she built the missions program into a sustainable, focused endeavor and developed the Kids Ministry into a thriving environment for children to encounter Jesus. From leading trips across the world to leading pre-k volunteers, Andrea has seen the very real impact of the local church on a given community, and it has only stoked her passion to see God’s lost children come home. In addition the her role at Stadia, she helps lead Gail’s Girls and is intentional about building others up to be all that God designed them to be. If she’s not at hip coffee shop working, you can find her at a spin studio, exploring Baltimore’s freshest restaurants with girlfriends, or in Pennsylvania spending the day with her family.

Andrea Hamilton

Director of Global Development, Stadia