There are people you want to honor and seasons you want to commemorate.

Why not honor the people in your life by giving a tribute gift that will help accelerate church planting all across the world?

How To Give a Tribute Gift


  1. Go to and choose the church planting initiative you’d like to support.
  2. On the giving form, fill in all of your information and check the box next to Honor or Memorial Gift Information.
  3. Choose what type of tribute you are giving.
  4. Fill in the name of the Honoree or Person being Memorialized.
  5. Continue to fill in the remaining boxes in this section and on the rest of the giving form as normal. When you click, “Make Donation”, you will receive an email confirming that your gift has been given.
  6. The person you are celebrating or memorializing will receive a letter from Stadia notifying them of the gift.

Why Tribute Gifts?