Southeast Asia

Reach previously impenetrable populations with the Good News of Jesus.

Working primarily among refugees in Myanmar (the ancient country of Burma) and Thailand, Stadia is partnering with Asia Christian Services (ACS) to plant churches that will share the Gospel and meet needs among desperately poor and displaced Burmese people. By starting preschools and church plants, U.S. church partners and Stadia are teaming up to create infrastructure where none exists.

Who We’ll Reach

The Burmese people are a 90% unreached population. Burma has 135 distinct tribes and languages. The population of 51 million is about 80% Buddhist, who accept fate and reincarnation and are generally cold to the gospel. Over the past 50 years, Asia Christian Services has worked with the hill tribes, which worship ancestors and nature. Converts from these tribes are now church planting missionaries and are mobilizing to impact the rest of the country.

How it Works

Stadia and ACS are partnering in a new strategy that is incredibly effective among Buddhists. The church planters minister first to Buddhist children through new preschools. This provides opportunities for parents to hear the Gospel, which they readily accept when shared through acts of kindness in Jesus’ name. The preschools convert into churches on the weekend to further connect families with the Good News of Jesus.

What We Need

Stadia needs church planting leaders to partner with us to provide $30,000 for each of these preschool/church plant models. This investment provides a life-changing impact for these children and introduces entire communities to the Gospel.

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