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1000 partners investing $1000 a year to plant the next 1000 churches by 2023
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Your $83 a month goes the Extra Mile. You can have an extraordinary impact!

In February of 2020, Stadia celebrated the 1000th church plant started with support of Stadia’s services! More than 400 of those new churches were birthed after 2018. There is an extraordinary momentum occurring.

Together, we will see the next 1000 church plants birthed by 2023! The first 1000 church plants were the fruit of many individuals and churches who share in the same passion – to see every child have a church! The second 1000 will be the fruit of those same friends and more, all going the extra mile. Your gift of $1000 per year, or the invitation to a friend to join you, is the engine in this movement. 1000 new churches, reaching tens of thousands new faces with the good news of Jesus. The stories of salvation, transformation, and redemption will be extraordinary.

Go the Extra Mile!