Get Back to What You’re Called To Do

Apr 17, 2019

In February 2019, Kelly McNamara and Jeremy Brown were planning to get together to film a video about Stadia Bookkeeping. Kelly is a bookkeeper and Jeremy is a pastor and one of Kelly’s bookkeeping clients. We wanted to film them at the same time and in the same place to showcase the friendship that forms between our bookkeepers and the pastors who they serve. We couldn’t wait to show that “virtual doesn’t mean distant.”

However, the best laid plans of mice and men…

Kelly got stuck in Ohio because of a snow storm, and was unable to make it to Tennessee for filming. We were discouraged until we saw the footage that Jeremy and Kelly filmed independently. Without coaching and without knowing what the other said, Jeremy and Kelly gave nearly identical answers to the questions we asked them about Stadia bookkeeping and the value we place on relationship with our clients. Even from hundreds of miles apart, both bookkeeper and pastor were able to express what it was about Stadia bookkeeping that made our services so special in the marketplace. You can watch the interview above.

Way to go, Kelly and Jeremy!

Our bookkeepers:

  • Are experts in church finance
  • Will go above and beyond for you
  • Care about having a relationship with you!

If you are spending too much time (and isn’t that really any time at all?) worrying about your church’s finances, you need to get connected with Stadia Church Bookkeeping! Our services are available for church planters (and you can start your church planting journey for free here) or for leaders of any church! Don’t waste one more second worrying about your own finances or spending too much money paying for services from an organization that is just building up its own revenue! Invest in church planting while freeing yourself up to focus on your mission!