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Five Reasons to Binge Watch ‘Planted’ Today

May 29, 2021

The first season of Planted follows six weeks in the life of Jason and Jyothi James as they follow their calling and overcome the unexpected (and that’s an understatement!) to start a new church in Harlem.

At one point in Episode 2, Jason and Jyothi share the soul searching process they went through while discerning whether God was calling them to plant a church in New York City. Channeling the frustration they felt at times during this process, Jason reflects on how they just needed to be able to see where “their story and the story of Harlem intersected” before they felt called to plant a church there.

This gets at the heart of what Planted is all about.

Planted not only follows the lives of church planters, it shows us how they plant themselves in their communities, putting down deep roots by serving, spreading hope, and living life in their neighborhoods, for their neighbors. They’re finding the intersection of their story with their community’s story and, ultimately, with God’s story.

So here are five reasons you should binge watch the first season of Planted today:

Planted will help you understand the need for new churches.

You will get to meet people whose lives have been transformed by Jesus working through church plants. You will see the difference new churches are making in their communities.

Planted will help you understand the heart of a church planter.

When Planted takes us behind the scenes of starting a new church, it does so by helping us to understand what church planters feel, what they think, and reminds us of the challenges they have to overcome, by God’s grace, in order to plant a church.

When people search for church planting, we want them to be able to find Stadia.

YouTube is the number two search engine in the world, owned by the number one search engine in the world (Google). Believe it or not, you can help people find Stadia when they search for information about church planting on Google or Youtube, simply by watching Planted, liking, and subscribing.

We love a good story.

The story of what God is doing through Jason and Jyothi is truly inspiring as it unfolds. There’s something for everyone here, and Jason and Jyothi’s transparency and trust in God will inspire you.

If you’re a church planter or leader, Planted will encourage you on another level.

Anyone will love seeing Jason and Jyothi’s story unfold and learn life lessons that apply to us all, but church planters will find encouragement and identify in a deep way with Jason and Jyothi’s experience.

So check out Planted today, and let us know what you think by leaving a comment or a like!

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