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Expert Bookkeepers and Expert Encouragers

Apr 7, 2021

Finding Calling and Home in Central New Jersey

We love getting to see how God is working through the local church. Hoon Kim, pastor and church planter of Anthem Church in central New Jersey talks with Ashley and Frances of the Stadia bookkeeping team. Our bookkeepers are not only expert bookkeepers, but they’re expert encouragers, too!

Hoon and his family moved to the central New Jersey area about five years ago. He shares with Ashley and Frances about the heart behind starting a church in this region,

‘I grew up in Italy…my culture and language is Italian, but I am Korean. This region is pretty interesting. I’ve asked God, ‘why did you make me grow up in Italy?’ This region is heavily populated with Italian families and demographically is 50% Asian…so i really found my calling and home in central New Jersey.’

Challenges and Celebrations

Due to the pandemic, Anthem Church is operating online. They are being challenged by the limitations brought on due to the pandemic, but there is still much to celebrate.

‘In the midst of all the challenges, God has been opening doors in terms of relationships,’ Hoon shares, ‘We have gotten to know a couple other churches in the area.’

Hoon shares how Anthem has been able to partner with organizations in the area to care for their community. The relationships being formed with other churches are providing resources for their team, as churches are committing to support Anthem as they plan to launch in person soon.

Ashley, Stadia’s Director of Bookkeeping, asks both Frances and Hoon about their bookkeeping relationship. Frances shares, ‘I try to focus on the details and the nitty gritty, that way he can focus on taking care of his people on on the bigger picture.’

Our bookkeeping team is passionate about providing expert bookkeeping services while also caring relationally for you as a church planter. We know church planting is hard, and our team is here to focus on the financial details so you can focus on your mission. Learn more about our services here.

‘The world needs to hear this…Frances Davis is amazing, she is one of my favorite people in the whole universe,’ Hoon shares about their bookkeeping meetings, ‘Obviously she brings a lot to the table with her knowledge in accounting in the church world, but one of her gifts is the gift of encouragement. Church planting is not easy; in the midst of all this…I look forward to our accounting meetings because they breathe so much life into me, because of the things we talk about and how you spur me on in this journey of starting a church. Whenever I have a question, you’re right there. It’s really great to know you!’

The Stadia team agrees: it is great to know our bookkeeping team! Not only is our team quickbooks certified and experts in bookkeeping, they’re also experts in encouraging church planters as they focus on the mission of starting new churches.

Praying for Reconciliation and Financial Freedom

Ashley asked Hoon how we can be praying for him and Anthem Church. In regards to the recent shootings in Atlanta, Hoon explained, ‘Up here where there’s a lot of Asians in the community, there’s a lot of tension, and we’re feeling it.’ Hoon asks for us to pray for reconciliation. Financially, they are hoping to fundraise to reach financial fitness before launching physically. And, they’re in search of a venue.

We are thankful for work alongside church planters like Hoon. Our bookkeepers are incredibly hard workers with the knowledge and encouragement church planters need so they can trust the church finances are being stewarded well as they start a church.