Our God is a God of New Things

So Let’s Innovate!

Stadia’s Innovation Meetup is designed to help your church thrive, grow, and multiply. During these meetups, seasoned practitioners share their insights on new innovations in the church world, providing perspective and knowledge that will help your church as it strives to fulfill the Great Commission. Plus, you will get to be a part of Stadia’s largest events of the year – even larger than past Exponential parties! So let’s start innovating – together!


Stadia Innovation Meetup

Phygital Innovations for the Long Haul

Even when COVID has become a distant memory, churches will still need sustainable phygital strategies to meet people with the hope of Jesus where they are, physically and digitally. As we discuss these strategies, we will also discuss the myriad ways that the church can find expression in a post-pandemic world.


March 16, 2021

12 PM – 4 PM EST


This event is free of charge!


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Meetup Speakers

Dr. Conway Edwards

Lead Pastor, One Community Church

Dr. Conway Edwards is the founding and Lead Pastor of One Community Church, a fast growing church in Plano, Texas ministering to the communities of Collin County and hosting 7000 weekly in attendance. Dr. Edward’s unique ability to communicate the truths of the Bible in a relevant and uncompromising manner has helped to reach a generation of men, women, singles, couples and families embedded in a culture defined by individualism, materialism and humanism.

Dr. Edwards holds a Master of Theology, with an emphasis in Pastoral Ministry, from Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). While at DTS, he was a Leadership Fellow with the Center for Christian Leadership, under the guidance of Dr. Howard Hendricks. Dr. Edwards also holds a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University.

Dr. Edwards formerly served as Director of Singles at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas under the leadership of Senior Pastor, Dr. Tony Evans. Dr. Edwards is passionate about leadership and the local church. He is the author of Leading a Turnaround Ministry: A Process for Exponential Growth and is co-author of When Love’s In View and The Undercover Woman, with his wife, Jada.

Dr. Edwards and Jada have a son named Joah and daughter named Chloe.

Greg Nettle

President, Stadia Church Planting
Devoted to a God-given passion for the Church and its responsibility to plant new churches – churches specifically designed to reach children at physical and spiritual risk – Greg Nettle serves as President of Stadia Church Planting. As an innovative and catalytic leader, Greg has led Stadia from planting a handful of churches to planting 378 churches around the globe in 2020. Under his leadership, Stadia has developed strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations such as Compassion International and has refined its portfolio of unique and highly effective church planting services, positioning the organization for continued exponential growth.

Prior to his time at Stadia, Greg served as leader of the RiverTree Movement in Ohio for 25 years, leading the church to multiply from one campus of 100 attendees to four campuses serving over 3,000 attendees weekly.

Greg is an author, speaker and consultant as an agent of change in the global church and has co-authored three books: Small Matters, in collaboration with Compassion International President Jimmy Mellado, One Of, and Disciples Who Make Disciples. Greg is also an avid adventurer, and his sense of adventure has taken him around the world as he has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, Cotopaxi and Whitney (among others) to raise funds to bless children on the margins of society.

Angela Craig

Lead Planter, Pursuit Church Live

Angela Craig is the founder of Pursuit Church Live, the first social media church in the Assemblies of God fellowship. Angela has a master’s degree in organizational leadership and is a sought-after leadership coach and speaker, helping teams and organizations turn their online platforms into communities. Find encouragement and help in her latest book, “Online Jesus: A Guide to Community, Discipleship, and Care Online”. Angela and her husband Mark, live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where outdoor activity and coffee are synonymous.

Emily Diaz

Stadia Church Planting, Project Manager

After years of preparing, planning, and praying, Emily Diaz and her husband, Abiel, planted Ciudad de Gracia, a Spanish-speaking Stadia church in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in January of 2017. Having first-hand experience of starting churches, Emily’s desire is to partner with church planters to help them be the very best for their community. Her other full-time job is being mom to the very best four kids: Gabriel, Lucas, Liliana and Marco.

Danielle Hicks

Elevation Church, Watch Party Pastor
Danielle Hicks is the Watch Party Pastor for Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. After serving as a location campus pastor with Elevation for years, Danielle is now in charge of creating community worldwide via a network of local, city specific watch parties.

Ahead of the curve when talking about church online, Elevation has been innovatively leveraging its platforms for years, and Danielle is part of that strategy! By helping others connect to or lead watch parties, Danielle is helping people in NC and all around the world find the hope of Jesus and a community for the journey.

Breakout Speakers and Sessions

Jason Poling

Cornerstone Church

The Virtual Reality Multisite Campus

Kevin Marsico

The Timothy Initiative

Help Your Established Church Start a Disciple-Making Movement

Raymond Hudson


Planting Digital First, Physical Later

Patrick Holden

NUVO Church

Preaching to a Digital Audience

Scott Hitzel

Fellowship Monrovia

Being a Multicultural Church, Online

Angela Craig

Pursuit Church Live

Can a Church Exist Entirely on Social Media?

Rob Schmidgall

National Community Church

Becoming a Digital Pastor

Matthew Anderson

One Community Church

Developing a Digital Strategy

Justin Rosales (with Jay Rabon)

Elevation Church

Creating New Community Thru Watch Parties

Jay Rabon (with Justin Rosales)

Elevation Church

Creating New Community Thru Watch Parties

Robert Frazier

Redemption HIll

Creating Independent Microchurches to Reach Neighborhoods

Justin Piercy

Connexus Church

YouTube Strategy for Your Church

Justin Murff

MENA Collective

Digital Discipleship in the Global Church

Heidi Tompkins

Westside Family Church

How Can an Established Church Effectively Use Microlocations?

Melissa Johnson-Matthews

Lutheran Church of Hope

How to Get 600+ People to Come to an Alpha/Digital Evangelism Class

Scott Mendenhall

Unlock Church

Don’t Have A Location to Meet? Learn to Be Digital Next!

CCV Staff

Christ’s Church of the Valley

Utilizing QR Coding in Multiple Ways

Jeff Reed

Stadia Church Planting

The Validity of a Digital-Only, Location Independent Church

Stadia Innovation Meetup


Schedule of Events


11:50-12:00 EST

Doors Open

12:00-12:15 EST


12:15-12:45 EST

Keynote 1: Introducing and Implementing Long Term Change (Greg Nettle, President of Stadia)

12:50-1:30 EST

Break Out Rooms

1:35-2:15 EST

Keynote 2: Phygital for the Long Haul (Dr. Conway Edwards)

2:20-3:00 EST

Break Out Rooms

3:05-3:50 EST

Keynote 3: Intro to Multimodal (Angela Craig, Emily Diaz, & Danielle Hicks)

3:50-4:00 EST