Enhance Update: Coronavirus & Southern Asia

Mar 25, 2020

“Wash your hands.” We have heard this 100-2000 times over the last couple of weeks. A small thing that carries a lot of impact right now. It’s something we don’t have to think too hard on. We understand that washing our hands is important and why. We understand how bacteria can spread and how and where germs land and stay. We understand the value of cleanliness. So, when we are told to wash our hands, we don’t have to think much about why and how. We know.


Imagine being told “wash your hands” right now and NOT understanding why you would do that. Why would I wash my hands? What’s the point? What does that mean? Where would I even find clean water to wash my hands or at that, why does that water have to be clean?

These seem like childish questions, right?


The reality is that millions around the world ask these questions, or don’t even know to ask them in the first place.


Southern Asia is a place of extreme poverty. With extreme poverty comes living on less than $2 a day, With extreme poverty comes lack of access to healthcare and clean water. With extreme poverty comes a lack of education, including knowledge about health.


So, as we sit in our homes some frustrated, some nervous, some overwhelmed, we still sit in our homes. We have access to shelter, clean water, soap, and knowledge of the simple things we can do to stay healthy in this time.


Many Southern Asian people don’t. In fact, not only do they have much less access to clean water, healthcare, and health education, but they are bombarded with beliefs and ideas from twisted religion, making them believe things like bathing in cow dung and drinking cow urine will cure them from Corona. This is not a joke.


These Southern Asian people need Jesus, they need the Church, they need education.


While we are stunted in many areas of life right now, making an impact is NOT one of them. You can still have an impact on eternity and in improving people’s current realities.


Fund a house church planter in Southern Asia. Help aid them to take care of their communities, bringing Jesus and His hope along with healthy mindsets and education on things like health. Help fund a planter as they go into their community to bring community in the midst of this crisis, just as you and I are working to do in our church’s and homes.


Hold a virtual sponsorship event to fund one or many planters. Let Stadia do the work to set up the personalized virtual event and experience for you and your church, friends, or family.




Passionate about the church and the people she’s been called to serve, Andrea has spent the entirety of her professional career in ministry. As a director at Mosaic Christian Church, she built the missions program into a sustainable, focused endeavor and developed the Kids Ministry into a thriving environment for children to encounter Jesus. From leading trips across the world to leading pre-k volunteers, Andrea has seen the very real impact of the local church on a given community, and it has only stoked her passion to see God’s lost children come home. In addition the her role at Stadia, she helps lead Gail’s Girls and is intentional about building others up to be all that God designed them to be. If she’s not at hip coffee shop working, you can find her at a spin studio, exploring Baltimore’s freshest restaurants with girlfriends, or in Pennsylvania spending the day with her family.

Andrea Hamilton

Director of Global Development, Stadia