98 days. In 98 days I’ll be getting on a plane headed for Nepal. Climbing Everest Base Camp is not something I originally had on my bucket list, but when the opportunity, with mission behind it, presented itself, it was quickly added

I’m one for adventure, for trying new things, for having fun, and for EXPERIENCING life. These have always been high values for me and continue to be. I see them weaved through much of the motivations in what I do. I want to enjoy this life God has given us. Pair a once in a lifetime experience with being on mission to help the lost find Jesus and I’m in.

God has given me many opportunities to experience many different cultures and countries around the world through leisure and missiontype trips.  Being able to see how many around the world live in spiritual and physical poverty has only motivated me to do whatever I can to make an impact. As starting new churches has been proven to be the most effective way to reach the unreached, I am motivated by Stadia’s mission, my mission, to never stop helping start churches around the world. In this case, trekking to Everest base camp will help further this mission, so, I’m committed. 

Mission aside, as enjoying life is such a high value for me, my nature can be, at times, to not fully dive into the hard things that seem less enjoyable. I have learned this about myself over the years. I keep learning the patterns of when I naturally want to turn away so that I can change my mindset, endure, and push through. 

So here I am, 98 days away from Everest, and although this journey is enjoyable and exciting, it has also become challenging. Training is ramping up, fundraising continues on, and the reality of climbing the tallest mountain in the world is sinking in. I am reminding myself that the challenges of this journey produce fruit and to keep on keepin’ on. I hate admitting to this, but it’s real life and I would bet I’m not the only one who feels this way. 

I love how the Bible talks numerous times about endurance. 

Romans 5 says “…And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation.” Hebrews 12 says, “…let us run with endurance the race set before us…” 2 Corinthians says, “…do not lose heart…” James says, “…blessed is the man who remains steadfast, and, to let steadfast have its’ full effect.”

When I think of the outcomes that came from pushing through the hard things in this life thus far, I see bountiful bowls full of fruit. Is this true for you too?

God knows us so well, no surprise there, He did create us. He knew He needed to address pushing through the challenges and hardships in this life while relying on Him in midst of them. He knew we needed pep talks for this life, that we continuously would need supportive, reassuring, truth-filled speeches in the locker room of life on a regular basis. 

I am grateful for this. God’s words ground me, encourage me, inspire me, and remind me that challenging situations produce great things. He also reminds me that He will walk with me through them. We are never alone. 

So the training continues, the fundraising continues; all the prep endures on. I ask God for strength each day to do the hard things. In so doing, I am reminded that billions wake up not knowing there is a God who loves and strengthens unconditionally. Every day I am one day closer to trekking base camp to help many around the world learn of God’s love and the hope in His son, Jesus, through a church.