Iglesia Alianza Km20

November 2021 Update

Hello, brothers and sisters of Monat and Connect Church! We are excited to share with you an update on the ministries and construction of La Atravesada.  

We currently have 20 adults and 60 children regularly attending church events. The church reaches people in the community through small groups so everyone can attend without risk of contagion. Every month we deliver food baskets, hold virtual classes taught by tutors to the kids, and virtual courses where the best students are rewarded. We provide medical assistance and hold talks about child protection with a psychologist. Also, we were able to provide checkups for general medicine and optometry for the program’s children and the community. 

As of this update, our construction is 30% done. We have refilled the land with stones because the land was too soft and we couldn’t construct it there. We built a metallic structure, raised brick walls, and covered the floor with cement.  

Within the church, we organized a virtual praise contest. The kids sang during the whole month of November. We preached inside of the children’s home to the parents and the kids. The challenge is reaching the whole community; the place is considered extremely dangerous. Our goal is to rescue the children and change people’s mindsets.

The biggest challenge was obtaining the land since it was donated by the municipality and there was an inconvenience in legalizing the propriety which delayed the construction only in February 2021, we could sign the propriety deeds. The arrival of the pandemic left us paralyzed. And having to refill the land with stone because it wasn’t apt for construction since it used to be a shrimp pool, was a challenge as well.

We have had learning opportunities throughout this construction. We were challenged into trusting fully in God and his plans, we have built teamwork within our team but also with parents, their help is very valuable. We have learned that God’s timing is perfect because at each difficulty we had we could see his kindness and his mercy. 

We are hoping to finish our construction process in January! We will clean up the space with the parents, place doors, windows, paint the whole church and classrooms, and finally install a fence. We also need to get tables and chairs for all children’s tables. 

I am very thankful and happy for all that I get to live for days with each activity we carry out in the project. For me, it is something new and I’m learning so much thanks to the innocence of the children. Going to unknown places and being able to share with the kids and their parents is amazing. Many people don’t know the children’s reality, they live with deficiencies and not enough food but, despite that, they are very happy with how much or little they have. Being able to share the Lord’s Word fills me with joy and happiness. God gave me the privilege of being here. So, with the whole team, we are always at the foot of the canyon, ready to offer our help and preach to the whole community.

Rosalía Mero

Director, Iglesia Alianza

Praises and Thanks 

  • Thank you for the economic help that you have given us for our children, to build a better future for them and their families.  
  • Thank you for the continuous training that we receive from the organization; for being able to always teach us.  
  • Thank you for your kindness and your love; for helping a forgotten community that is filled with good kids. 


Prayer Requests 

  • Pray for the rainy season, that we wouldn’t have delays in construction with the weather that is coming. 
  • Pray for our work team.  
  • Pray for the lives of the children and their parents.  
  • Pray for every donor and the churches that are always helping us. Pray for their health and economy.  

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