Iglesia Alianza La Atravesada

August 2022 Update

Greetings sisters and brothers of MONAT! We are excited to share with you an interview with the pastor of Iglesia Alianza La Atravesada, as well as a mother of a sponsored child.

How have the lives of the affected beneficiaries been changed since the intervention’s completion?

Now the children are much more active, and they participate. They are very joyful. They have learned the word of God. They like to learn it every day. They feel more confident to be with us. They are very grateful. They have learned a very tender phrase that fills you with motivation. Every time they see us, they say: “Blessings brothers and sisters.” They share with their friends the things they learn. To be able to share with them in a place that is our own is a complete joy for both of us to have the freedom to enjoy our space. To have the church is a great blessing.


How has this intervention benefitted the church or community?

For us as a church, it fills us with joy to be able to share the gospel with other people who don’t know much about God and to teach them values and other knowledge. In the community, we see now that they feel very grateful for the work that we are doing there in their sector of km 20 “La Atravesada,” especially helping to form children with a mentality of love for God and overcoming. The community sees the project in physical form. We took them to see where they had to take their children to be evangelized and learn about other areas of development. They were surprised to see the advanced work and when they saw it finished, they felt happy and more committed to participate in this great project such as the children’s ministry.


How has this intervention affected your ability to minister to the children?

It has impacted me in a very gratifying and blessed way, because it is not only to teach them, but I have also learned much more than I could have imagined. It is experiencing a new beginning in my life where you get to know people, places not previously visited, you learn to live together, relate to feel empathy towards others and understand that you are no longer alone in your circle, but you have a greater responsibility and a bigger heart for these new little people who are now a more important part of your life. Having a great support like the one you gave us in the construction of the church, having it with everything necessary for the use of children with their classrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, office and multipurpose room, cistern, septic tank, for them as well as for us is to have everything. It allows us to work in an excellent and complete way.


What would you like to say to those who provided the financial support for this intervention?

Thank you because you are a fundamental part of this project. Please continue supporting us as you have been doing so far. May God bless your lives and the lives of your families and keep your ways. We ask you to keep us always in your prayers so that we can continue working in a joyful way for the work of the Lord.

Ramon Velez Cevallos

Pastor, EC663

What was your life like before the church was completed?

Before we had a safe place for the children to go and learn and have fun with their friends, the church they built for them, no one talked to us about God or cared about us and our families. I like everything they do for my daughter.


How has your life changed now that this church is complete?

Now we have a church where we can go to receive our classes with the brothers and receive the things that they give us as help for our home. The church is very nice and big where the children can run, color, and enjoy everything they teach them with love and devotion.


What will this change mean for your future or the future of your family?

This change of having a Christian church in our sector makes me very happy. The help you give us and what the brothers share with us, motivates us to be better every day. They instill in us values, love for our neighbor especially love for God above all things, they teach the children respect for their parents and that when we they grow up, they can be good children that serve in our community.


What lessons have you learned?

To value much more everything that they give us and the things we already have. The children must take care of the church because it is like our second home, always keep it clean, don’t throw garbage, take care of everything in it and teach others to do the same. Everything we learn in it we must share with other people such as family, friends and close people to us and invite them to the church.


What would you like to say to those who provided the financial support for this intervention?

Thank you for everything you have done to give us a church. May God always bless you. May you go ahead and may everything you do go well. Thank you for the work you do because you do it with all your heart. May you never forget about us. May you always keep us in your prayers. My daughter is really happy and grateful for this place where she can learn about God.

Stefanías Liceth Luque

Mother of sponsored child, Shakira Doménica García Luque (3 YR), Iglesia Alianza La Atravesada

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