Church of the Nazarene Heredad de Dios

February 2022 Update

Hello, brothers and sisters of Creekside Christian Church! We are excited to share with you an update on the ministries and construction of Church of the Nazarene Heredad de Dios.  

In December we laid the foundations of the construction. We built out the metal structure to the middle of the sanctuary, about 16 meters.

We have had calls with the parents of sponsored children to find out how they are doing and to provide them with biblical texts. A search has been made for people to contribute with donations in order to help more people in the community. At Christmas, a face-to-face event was held, games were played, prizes were won, and food- hamburgers, was distributed. Also, a Christmas gift was given to them. Parents decided to buy clothes and not toys. We carried out activities such as the Christmas princess. There was also a time of prayer and praises with parents and children.

The biggest construction challenge was renting a generator since there is no electricity in the community and it is important since it allows us to work with the welding of the structure. Thank God we managed to get it at a good price, but it was an additional cost that we did not expect. Another challenge was the weather, being able to carry out the work of the structure before it rained and got muddy. To get into the land despite the mud created by the heavy rain. It can be so slippery that people cannot enter even by car.

We learned that setbacks come at the least expected moment and thank God, we could solve them. For example, to solve our need for a generator a whole process was made so that it could come from Guayaquil to the community. It is necessary to look for solutions that come along the way. What is programmed is not always fulfilled, expenses that were not foreseen were generated. We had to join forces to get ahead since the project is for the benefit of the entire community.

At the beginning of March, we want to build walls where the roof of the church is placed, make the subfloor of cement and organize mingas (volunteer work) to clean the land with parents. We have managed to get 4 dump trucks located in the street; it is not possible for them to get in because of the mud. We are also planning fumigation of the land.

A mother has a son with heart disease and needs surgery. She was told that it cannot be done because the child has problems with his height and weight and the surgery is very risky. She went to the church for spiritual and economic help, we prayed with her, we sought help from specialized doctors, and people from Guayaquil and told them about the child’s disease. Willing to help, they sent us a monthly basket of groceries, diapers, and milk for the child. The Lord helps her and has already met the child and his mother. She is very grateful for all the help that God put in her son’s path, she prays with great faith so that the surgery can be carried out.


  • Thanks to all the donors, because of their mercy the children can receive their tutoring, the word of God and their baskets.
  • Thank you for all the support to the Compassion team for their patience with us. When we don't know something, they are there to help us and teach us. Thank you for every training you provide us.


Prayer Requests

  • Pray that God would touch each parent’s heart to attend services and draw closer to him.
  • Pray for the spiritual life so that it continues to strengthen us and for us to remain firm in everything that we are working for.

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