Pueblo Nuevo Church

Church Plan Report

Del Nazareno Church shares the message of salvation of Jesus to the population. In a few months it has managed to become one with the community through social assistance and psychometric help to children, curricular preparation, cognitive support, Christian education and help in situations of violence and child risk. 



  • High rate of informality. People work in street stalls as there are not many places for formal employment. Families subsist on less than 2 dollars a day. 
  • There is much idolatry and ancestral practices that destroy the spiritual, physical, emotional and cognitive life of families. 
  • The population of evangelical Christians is very low. The majority are atheists and belong to various sects and religions. 
  • More than 60% of children in and around Pueblo Nuevo suffer from cognitive and learning deficits.  
  • About 75% of couples are dysfunctional and domestic violence exists. 
  • Most couples live in fornication and with several sexual partners. 
  • They have no drinking water in the village and the water they consume is from a well. It is not suitable for human consumption. 
  • Children do not have healthy developmental environments. 
  • There is no full access to the sewerage system. 
  • Children don’t have access to health services. The closest health center is full and is located more than 10 km away. 



This church is an integral proposal to help children in following areas: spiritual, physical, psychological, social-emotional. We will also be able to help their parents and the broader community through our work. 

The solution includes the construction of a church and physical and recreational places in order to work with the children and their families: 

  • Dining room of 50m2. 
  • Bathroom of 50m2 made of reinforced concrete with 1 cistern, 4 sinks and 4 toilets. 
  • 2 classrooms of 80m2. 
  • An auditorium space for church meetings. 

The plans for this church include equipment for materials, audiovisuals, games and equipment for a local entrepreneurship. 



General Objective: 

To provide a safe place for EC0662 Iglesia del Nazareno Pueblo Nuevo to better provide a holistic development program to change the lives of 150 children, their families, and the entire community by the end of month 12. 

Specific Objectives: 

  • To build and equip facilities for the church including a multipurpose classroom, a dining room, kitchen, 2 classrooms and bathrooms. 
  • To evangelize 100% of the children, youth and families from the community so that they can serve and love God. 



God has been very good with us. He has allowed us to serve in Pueblo Nuevo. We have seen the support of God in a faithful and merciful way. Thanks to it, we have been able to: 

  • Open a mission of our church in order to preach good news of salvation and add more than 7 families to the faith of our Lord Jesus. 
  • Do medical checkups. We give medicine in health preventive campaigns.
  • Do recreational activities for adolescents and youths. We give teachings in different areas. 

It has been wonderful to see the smiles of the children and help them to go out from poverty in the name of Jesus. We teach them playful activities. They enjoy the Bible in that way. I see them serving to God powerfully from the church to their community. We are happy to see how God is extending His kingdom so we can accomplish the vision of God: to live the great commission. 

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