Iglesia Del Nazareno Pueblo Nuevo

June 2022 Update

Hello, brothers and sisters of Creekside Christian Church! We are excited to share with you an update on the ministries and construction of Church of the Nazarene Heredad de Dios.  

We currently have 51 adults and 82 children attending our church, and we have had 25 declarations of faith in the last couple of months!

We received a visit from Brother Hugo and Brother Gino. It was found that money was taken from the construction of the church to drill a septic tank with the aim of making our own water drinkable. A campaign was launched to seek donations as soon as possible. We bought the pump, but we couldn’t install it, we can’t take water from there yet. This idea was discussed and they did not approve of it but they still took the money, it was one of the observations that the members of Compassion did not make. They also told us that the labor we paid was overpriced and the work wasn’t enough, we had 20% of the construction.

We have asked for more time for the construction, one more year. We have a meeting on June 10 and asked for an answer.

More children and adolescents have joined. There’s acceptance in the community, they are thirsty for the word of God. At Sunday school, children are given a snack. We are pushing more children and adolescents, through them we want to reach out to parents. They are struck by the fact that the church helps and shares community activities, so their attendance has increased.

Within the community, we have held workshops, family programs, contests and prizes for children, evangelization for children and their families, and mingas (volunteer work) to help with the construction alongside parents. We have continued with the monthly delivery of food baskets. Also, on Sundays, we have a discipleship class with the children, and a tutor gives her Bible classes on Monday and Wednesday mornings and afternoons.

Our goals are to not give up, to continue trying, to involve more of the community so they become a part of the church and contribute to us. Even if the construction is not finished, people attend. Our dream is to be able to finish the construction and receive them so they can understand the message of salvation and perceive a change in their lives.

Pastor Luis Neira Pastor of the Mother Church is going to take charge of the construction, the truth is that we do not know what the next steps are, we have to wait for what happens in the meeting to know how much more time they can give us for the construction.

I want to tell my testimony of how we began to work on the new project, the field that is located in Pueblo Nuevo, compound of the Isidro Ayora canton. On September 29, 2019, we attended the church of the Nazarene of Pastor Luis Neira, he was the one who sent us the new project because they were going to have a Compassion Foundation program. It was the the first time I worked there, so we invited people and during the first month about eight people attended, 17 children but then more came. In 2020, due to the pandemic, everything came to a standstill and we had to start over in October. We resumed the activities of 2020. Very few people came to the service. In January 2021 we began with activities such as the group Huellas de Amor a program with adolescents and children who are not sponsored. We seek donations and thus carry out laboratory tests, medical consultation, give medications, food baskets, hygiene kits. Along mothers who attended we organized a program where flour and oil were delivered, a prayer was made where we declared this precious promise because Jehovah, God of Israel, has said thus: “The jar of flour shall not go empty, nor the jug of oil run dry, until the day when the Lord sends rain upon the earth” Kings 17:14.

Also, I want to thank my brothers who were there from the beginning, they are: sisters Rosa Peñaherrera, Mabel Rivera and brother Javier Ruiz.

I also thank God for each sponsor of the children and for their donation for the construction of the Church. May the Lord bless and protect you always.

Aurelio Abreo

Pastor, Church of the Nazarene Heredad de Dios


  • Thanks to all the donors, because of their mercy the children can receive their tutoring, the word of God and their baskets.
  • Thank you for all the support to the Compassion team for their patience with us. When we don't know something, they are there to help us and teach us. Thank you for every training you provide us.


Prayer Requests

  • Pray that God would touch each parent’s heart to attend services and draw closer to him.
  • Pray for the spiritual life so that it continues to strengthen us and for us to remain firm in everything that we are working for.

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