Felix Sarmiento

June 2021 Update

Greetings, brothers and sisters of Creekside Christian Church! We are excited to share with you an update in the ministries and construction of Felix Sarmiento Church.  

We’ve made good progress in the construction despite having been in a long confinement during 2020 and the couple of months we have been confined so far this year. It is a great achievement and we are almost finally finished with the construction of the church, in about two to three weeks it will be finished to put the roof on it.

Due to the pandemic, we have had to stop some programs, such as visits to people. We have attempted to connect with people virtually, but many people in our community do not have a means for that. When the confinement was lifted, we were able to visit them. We have seen as progress that people have managed to stay in the faith they profess and are encouraged to know more about God.  

The people of the community are expectant about what is happening in the church and have been prepared to help take care of the church and our materials. One of the learnings is working not only with people who are members of the church but also working with people in the community, with neighbors who are around where the church is going to be. 

Our next plans in the construction is to finish the walls and install the roof. After that we will move onto the bathrooms and kitchen.  

We are very grateful in advance that my son is part of this project, they have helped us a lot personally and spiritually. They have helped us with food rations every month and they meet our needs, we have had telemedicine consultations, spiritually we attend church. My son’s tutor makes video calls to my child to find out how he is, how his health is, checks on his mood and motivates him, helps him with homework, among other things. At the time of the pandemic, we were very scared because we heard that people were dying, however we received words from God through the church, that gave us security. Although in 2020 we did not have any losses, about a month ago we lost two uncles. Dear friends, despite the circumstances we are calm because our hope is in God, we thank God, you, and the church too much for making us part of this project. May the Lord multiply much more what you are doing for us.

Teresa Torres

Single mother of 12-year-old Crisbell and 10-year-old Elian


  • We thank God for his fidelity, for putting favor in this spiritual family, and for giving us the strength to serve in Santa Elena.
  • We are grateful for the provision and patience that each of you has in this process that we are maintaining in that beautiful province. We continue working, we continue to extend the Kingdom of God carrying his powerful message of salvation.
  • Thank you for keeping us in prayer.


  • Firmness and spiritual maturity for the new people who have made their decision of faith.
  • For the Holy Spirit to convict of sin and repentance to people who have not made their decision of faith and their lives to be transformed by the power of the gospel.
  • By sources of income for each church family and the 150 sponsored children

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