Iglesia Del Nazareno La Gloria De Dios

February 2022 Update

Greetings, brothers and sisters of Creekside Christian Church! We are excited to share with you an update in the ministries and construction of Church of Nazareno Gloria de Dios.   

We currently have about 60 adults and 70 children regularly attending our church. We have had 5 professions of faith in these last few months! 

The first part of the church is finished. In the last couple of months, we finished installing the windows, roof and doors. The front part of the church and the stairs were plastered. Also, we carried out cleansing mingas (volunteer work) with parents whom we thank for the support. We were be able to open the church’s doors and inaugurate it on December 5, 2021. We welcomed families and shared the Word of God with them.  

The church is more united and organized since we have new brothers and sisters helping us. They are beginning to integrate and gradually get to know the children and the community. We have evangelized adults so that they share the Word of God to more families, bring them the message of salvation and faith in order to have a consolidated and firm church. We have held Positive Parenting talks for parents. We have provided them with tools for their children, so they have a happy childhood full of love with the presence of God. 

We have evangelized in the children’s homes, visited brothers who have made their declaration of faith and shared the Lord’s Word. We and the community were together in the construction of the church, helping in everything we could to advance the work. We have done online talks for parents and children. We have hosted playful activities with the children and evaluations to see how they are at school to be able to reinforce those assignments. 


One of the challenges we have faced is the economic instability of the country and the increased prices of things. We have not let these be an impediment. Another challenge we have had is to publicize the church and the work we do for the well-being of the community. 

Learning opportunities:  

There were people who had knowledge about construction and donated their hand labor. Brothers from the church had to learn so that they could continue with the construction work. 

Everyone helped in the construction, learning to plaster and glue blocks. People from the community set the roof. Thanks to the leadership of all of us we have been able to share more as a church, we have empowered ourselves to evangelize and be able to reach more people. 

We finished the construction of the second floor on December 5 and carried out activities to finance the dining room and the kitchen. We will work on the construction of 6 classrooms for the children, these are our priorities.

The great challenge that I have had is to be able to take on the administration of this project in Santa Elena. I love children, I like working with them, the opportunity to fill children in the spiritual and cognitive areas, fills my heart. We have been able make progress on the church and change the mentality of parents so we can convince them we are the children of God and that despite all the circumstances he loves us and never abandons us. Leaders, pastors, parents, we all help, we are a blessing for the entire community. 


Director, Church of Nazareno Gloria de Dios


  • Thanks to all the donors, because of their mercy the children can receive their tutoring, the word of God and their baskets.
  • Thank you for all the support to the Compassion team for their patience with us. When we don't know something, they are there to help us and teach us. Thank you for every training you provide us.


Prayer Requests

  • Pray that God would touch each parent’s heart to attend services and draw closer to him.
  • Pray for the spiritual life so that it continues to strengthen us and for us to remain firm in everything that we are working for.

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