Iglesia Del Nazareno La Gloria De Dios

January 2022 Update

Greetings brothers and sisters of Creekside Christian Church! We are excited to share with you an update on the ministries and construction of Iglesia del Nazareno La Gloria de Dios.

We thank God, for in spite of the great obstacles coming from the pandemic, we have been able to advance with this dream. Construction has continued despite challenges, and we have made quite a lot of progress. The construction of the main auditorium has been completed. The underlayment was made. Roof, windows, and doors were installed. Finally, the outside of the church facade is being plastered. We are two weeks away from inaugurating the first part of the church!

Challenges (so far): 

  • To raise up a group of empowered brothers and sisters in the congregation who are willing to work in home visits and prayer groups. 
  • To remove mental paradigms and give ourselves the opportunity to learn jobs that many thought we couldn’t (masonry and welding). 
  • Empower church leadership and generate resources to continue the work. 

Learnings (so far): 

  • Some of our brothers in the congregation have learned masonry work in order to continue with certain construction jobs. Others have learned to weld, to work installing roofs, among other things. 
  • To work as a team, the brothers and sisters of the congregation began to sell bollos (typical food), jellies, food, and other items to generate funds, thus making it possible to move forward with the construction. 

 The general objective of our project is to provide a safe place for Iglesia Nazarena “La Gloria de Dios” to better provide a holistic development program to change the lives of 150 children, their families, and the entire community by the end of month 12. 

 Achievement: 50% of the construction has been completed, the infrastructure of the main sanctuary is completed. 90% of this indicator has been accomplished, 135 children have been identified and registered.  

Achievement: We have been working hard in advancing the kingdom of heaven in the community, and so far we have reached 32 new adults. 60% of the parent’s school has been implemented, 3 couples have been converted so far.  

Impact on the church (so far):

The vision of our church is to be a reference in Santa Elena province which builds healthy families with solid Christian foundations, forming generations of upright and mature Christians who impact their environment with the power of the gospel, who live and exercise the great commission. The construction is becoming a good reference in the community, it is helping us to show the community that God hasn’t abandoned them. The building is becoming our base, where we can plan and execute our vision. It allows us to minister to the children and serve them, improving their physical, emotional, spiritual, and academic areas.

I am very grateful to God and to all the people who donated so that I am able to serve the families of the community with the construction of the church. To have a new prayer house where they can play, and above all, learn about the word of God. We believe that it is already having a great impact on the community because they can see that the church helps people without receiving anything in return. They see that the brothers visit and care about the people. We trust God that He will continue providing all the resources to advance the mission of the church.  

Clara Lino


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