Roca de la Eternidad 12 de Octubre Church

April 2016 Update

The children of Project 614 are receiving attention twice a week. They have been learning to pray, obey instructions, be orderly, and they have also learned good hygiene habits. 

The 12 de Octubre community is an unsafe, dangerous area, so this has been one of the biggest challenges Project EC614 has had to face on a daily basis since the place where the children gather is not yet enclosed. 

The Church has weekly services with about 15 persons attending. Evangelistic groups also meet in the homes of several people who attend worship services.

Another serious problem in this community is the vulnerable situation of the children who live here. Many of them spend the entire day alone because their parents work far from home. For this reason, a “Learn How to Prevent, Face and Solve Child Abuse” Workshop was held for parents, Project staff and children. The parents were very grateful for this workshop, because it helped them understand how much danger their children encounter and how they can help and take care of them better.

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