Bendición de Dios

October 2016 Update

Over the summer, the church accomplished many things in its ministry. For two weeks, on Saturdays, the Pastor delivered spiritual lectures to the parents. These biblical messages were based on the books of Mark and Samuel to teach the parents about the responsibility of guiding their children. Between 20 to 25 parents attended this event. On a weekly basis, every Saturday, the Pastor performs the services to teach the parents how they should treat their kids and how they should improve their life condition. To reach the parents’ hearts, the service begins with a prayer of faith and are given a message based on the Word of God. To gain their trust, the parents are gathered on in order to share their concerns and to be able to let go those problems. Later on, the parents get a tasty snack. Nearly 50 parents join this activity.

This summer in the child development project, on Saturdays, within the spiritual area, each tutor delivers biblical teachings about Jesus’s life. In addition to this learning, the tutors perform dynamics to the children and in the midst of the preaching, they raise their hands to praise the Lord. The Pastors and the tutors visit the children’s homes every week to talk with their parents and encourage them to keep their children going to the project. These visits are carried out every month or every month and a half, depending on the progress made in assisting each child.

As our donors already know, we faced some challenges with the construction, especially having to wait for the legal documents of the land, because the Municipality demands to go through several processes. However, gratefully, these issues have been dealt with. The Mayor together with the board of the area, and the members of the Church have held meetings to arrange the land issues. Cleaning community work was carried out for the Church and the surrounding land by all the parents of the area. We keep good relations with President José Mora from Sector 1 de mayo so that he helps us in every legal process carried out at the Municipality of Santa Elena. Furthermore, someone from the Church represents us in every meeting. The relation of the Mayor in Santa Elena canton has been favorable for the members of the Church as he has legally authorized us to start building the Church on that land. We are glad to report that the construction is completed 100%!!

Soon, the church will be inaugurated with the participation of the Mayor and the Councillor of Santa Elena. The documents of the land will be officially delivered during an event to be organized by the Municipality.

As Pastor, I admire the brothers donors for their dedication in building churches for children, because although they do not know us, they trust our work because we are at the head of the Congregation and we know that God will continue to bless them greatly.

Personally, the Church has helped me a lot because the teachings that Pastor imparts are important support not only for me but also for my daughters. Moreover, thanks to this construction could I have been able to be part of the congregation serving as Vice President of the parents and sharing with my neighbors about the benefits that the Church brings to the community.

As Vice President, I think that this construction is primarily beneficial for children since through the activities of the Church, they are encouraged to attend it regularly.

The inauguration of the Church is super important for children and their parents because they know that through this construction they will be able to learn more about the Word of God, and gradually, they will spread the message of Salvation to assist more people, although most people of the community are Catholics. However, it is expected for them to go to church, listen to the Word, and learn more about the Lord.

Betty Bosada

Vice President , Project Parents Committee


  • As Pastor, I thank wholeheartedly the donors because with their help they make possible the construction of this church. Parents are amazed because within a month the construction of the Congregation for the benefit of the community has been completed, after so many issues to begin with. 



  • In some cases the children’s health, who were apparently healthy; however, after the respective medical checkups, the cases of these children are critical, as they suffer from acute anemia and other health issues. Therefore, we pray for the health of these children.
  • For all the people in the community, so that the entire area approaches God and repents of their sins and attain Salvation.

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