Bendición de Dios

January 2017 Update

Regular services have been conducted on Fridays and Saturdays, led by Pastor Eddy Silvestre who has given biblical messages about the life of Joshua, Abraham, and Jesus. Nearly 25 to 30 fathers attend this event, who have decided to make a change in their way of living and thinking, because now they pray before serving their food, and they are more affectionate with their children and their wives.

On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, mothers leave their children in the project activities, and then are given a short talk about how they should guide their children to the presence of God. Thanks to the intervention of the Pastor, the mothers have changed their lives, since the advice provided has helped them to manage their family conflicts, to be more faithful, to pay more attention to their children and attend the Church more faithfully.

Children attend the project on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays to learn from the tutors. They are divided into age groups and the tutors work in 4 areas. In the physical-health area, the tutors teach classes on hygiene and body care. In addition, the project carries out medical checkups to the children to prevent them from diseases. In the social area, the tutors work with the children through playful and dynamic activities to participate in games and drama performances on the Word of God. In the cognitive area, the tutors teach the children the Word of God, by using drawings, balloons and letters to guide them so that they understand these messages. Finally, in the spiritual area, through prayer and teaching the Scripture, the tutors show the children how to worship God. Thanks to these lessons, the children understand the importance of reading the Bible and are very grateful to the Lord for what they receive in the project.

In the past few months, we have faced some challenges. A robbery took place in which a tank and lights were taken. To prevent this type of robbery, there is a temporary enclosure made of cane now surrounding the church. The Director and the Pastor organized the building of the enclosure. However, even with this challenge, parents decorated the church so that the new people attending it may feel very comfortable. The Church is already finished and complete, but the enclosure is being built in the next few months for security purposes.

In the upcoming months, it has also been planned for the children to be more active and learn and develop their biblical knowledge through Bible stories, with the help of the tutors. All the construction is finished.

As a Pastor, I would give a big hug to the Donors and tell them that God will bless them, that He is no debtor to anyone, and that He will reward them and place them in a high place, because they make the dreams of many children come true through this construction.

Before I met Christ, my life was full of problems, but ever since I attended the Church and especially with my husband, our relationship as a couple has improved. Some time ago, we thought about separating but we solved our problems thanks to the intervention of the Pastor who has talked with us, and also the prayers have served us to listen more to God, because I must think of my children and pray for my husband.

The workshops delivered each week to the parents have helped me, now I am more attached to my family, and I feel that when I go to Church and read verses of the Bible, God is speaking to me. I feel very good in the Church because the activities that I am involved in, are a blessing for my life and my children when they attend the project, they are very moved by the teachings they receive about God.

I am very happy because my husband also attends the Church with me, and when listening to the Word of God, we have solved our problems by talking among the family. It is a blessing to build this new Church because in this community there are no other Christian Churches and we can listen to the Word of God. The people of the community think that this construction is very close to our sector and is a great benefit for all. When I tell my neighbors about the activities I perform in the Church, they also want to attend the preachings of the Pastor and the services on Sundays.

Lina Contreras



  • As Pastor, I am thankful for the great heart of the Donors, because it is difficult for the people of these communities to have these resources to build such a large building. God has touched the hearts of the Donors and must be sure that God will reward them in a great way, bless them in their workplace with abundance and protect their families. God watches the activities we do and He rewards us.



  • For the health of children, so that God may take care of them.
  • For parents to be aware that they should give their heart to Christ and teach their children about the Word of God.

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