La Castellana

December 2019 Update

Greetings, brothers and sisters of Creekside Christian Church! We are excited to share with you an update on the ministries and construction of La Castellana Church.   

We have made much progress in our construction in the last couple of months. We installed pipes for the bathrooms and kitchen in the basement, which we are still using as the main auditorium. On the main floor, we have cemented the walls and installed the doors.  

We are living in a very special time in our church. People are becoming closer and growing friendships, and they know that their purpose is to serve God. We have been helping in the community and serving those with the greatest economic need.  

In the next 60 days, we will continue to work on the basement, and hopefully, begin construction on the slab that will go above the first floor to begin construction on the second floor.   

We would like you to know that you are always in our prayers, we hope that God blesses you and that your faith in God never fails. We pray that everything you do is prospered and that God helps you to pass every challenge in your life. We may not be able to reward everything you have done for us, but we are sure that God will give you much more than you imagine. Blessings. 

Hello, I am Wilmer Carrasco and I have attended the church for a few months. Since I was young, I have been going to church, however, as I began to grow up my friends took me along other paths. After a while, a friend and church leader invited me to “ONE WAY”, a youth event. I attended, and although I had heard Jesus’ message many times, this time it was different. I decided to follow him and try to change everything. This has been and is a great challenge that I know that God is helping me to fulfill, and the leaders encourage me to continue like this. I love going to church because everyone goes to worship God, some are new brothers and sisters, but they join us, and the Holy Spirit moves between us. I am very grateful to God and my pastors for supporting me in everything.


We thank God first for looking at us with eyes of mercy and for guiding everything we do, He has taken care of us in all this time. Thanks to you for thinking of us, it is a pleasure to send you these reports. Thank you for seeing our children with eyes of love, as Jesus sees them, we know you have a great heart and we pray that God continues to fire that flame in you. 



  • Please pray that our communion with God will improve every day.  
  • Pray that we can become his best friends. 
  • Pray that we can resist the battles. 
  • Pray that we can overcome the traps of the enemy.  
  • May God protect us from anyone who wants to harm us.  
  • Pray that God would help us reach families throughout the community. It is very sad to see how young people take bad paths because they seek to fill an emptiness that only Jesus can fill. 
  • Pray for our children love Jesus and make good decisions in their lives. 

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