La Castellana

September 2019 Update

Greetings, brothers and sisters of Creekside Christian Church! We are excited to share with you an update on the ministries and construction of La Castellana 

We have experienced a lot of spiritual growth in our congregation; we are made new! We are grateful for God because without His help we would not have achieved all that we have. We now have fully equipped bathrooms that are able to be used by people with special needs as well. The second phase of our project is currently being built, it is on the other half of our land. It will have a kitchen, dining room, and additional bathrooms. Our congregation and church leaders have joined together to work hard to achieve our goal! We also have planned a place for a media space, music classroom, and crib room. We have faith that God will move and open the doors to obtain all necessary resources.  

The parents of the children in our program and their families have take part of the activities we’ve offered at our church. Every last Saturday of the month we have an event where we sell food and goods in the community. We have hired qualified personnel for the construction. Even some voluntary work has been offered to hep with the project!f  

We have had the opportunity to all join together for this effort and there has been a lot of unity in the congregation. We see families in the community collaborating and joining the vision.   

Over a year ago we were facing the challenge of finding a place to grow oucongregation, and God has shown us He is in control. We are now working hard in the space we are in to collect the resources and build up the community. We’re working on the second phase of the church, hopefully eventually resulting in a space that can hold 250 people. God is good!  

We would like you to know that we are thankful. For every hug you gave our children when you visited, for every photo, for every moment. God is and will always be so special to us. May God bless you greatly.  

I grew up always wanting a home of my own, since we always borrowed. Throughout my childhood I never imagined God would call me to continue to do His work. My father was a pastor, and growing up I saw that my parents always wanted to do more, but it was hard to obtain resources. Now I understand and know that it is not in our time, but in God’s time. Where we are is not the safest place in the city but perhaps it is the place that needs God the most. For that reason, it deserves the best. The children and their families deserve the blessing they are given as God’s children.  

Israel Reina

Pastor of La Catsellana


  • For each of our leaders, brothers and sisters in the congregation, and those in our community so that their faith remains strong. 
  • For security to increase and violence to fall in our area. 
  • For the pastors so that the vision continues and we do not give up!  

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