Podcast 104: Does the Holy Spirit Move Online?

Nov 20, 2020

This is podcast episode 104 of thechurch.digital, powered by Stadia Church Planting.

Remember back when churches met in large gatherings. Those physical services were so powerful, you could just feel the spirit of God moving across the room. It was always interesting to me that people received that feeling differently. Some people report a warmth. Others (including myself) often feel a chill. Has anyone experienced anything like this online?

An odd conversation of sorts, how does the Holy Spirit show itself online? Or even physically? A really interesting conversation into what the Holy Spirit looks like in our different gatherings, physically & digitally. We’re bringing into the conversation a rich tapestry of ministry leaders for the conversation: two digital pastors, a creative/video editor and a live production guy… all to wrestle through this idea of how the Holy Spirit moves, digitally.