Start a Digital Church

Churches that thrive, grow, and multiply – digitally.

Church buildings can be great.

But you can be a church without a building, too.

Church inside a building isn’t the only kind of church. And if you’re feeling the tug toward something different, you’re not alone. Others have felt that tug, too – and have helped people experience the hope of Jesus as a result. Starting a digital-only church is an option for innovators like you – and we want to help.

Let Stadia Be Your Guide.

Starting something new might seem crazy to some folks, but we love innovation. That’s why we have a pathway designed specifically to help dreamers like you start digital-only, location-independent churches that thrive, grow, and multiply.

And we want to help you along that pathway, too.


Dedicated Staff

Staff members whose sole job is to learn, develop, and teach about digital church

1000s of Leaders

Served through Stadia’s Futurist Cohorts, Phygital Learning Communities, digital-planting pathways, and online webinars


18 years of developing a network of relationships with industry leaders and innovators

Start Something New – Digitally.

Reaching people where they are s as simple as following three easy steps.

1. Fill Out the Form

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2. Access the Relationships and Resources You Need To Thrive, Digitally

You’ll have access to what you need to start off on the right foot

3. Watch Your Digital Church Thrive, Grow, and Multiply!

And more importantly, see people experience the hope of Jesus, from exactly where they are!

Why Digital Church?

We can think of a ton of reasons – but here are six reasons digital church might be the best option for you!

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