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Create a Ripple Effect For New Generations

May 18, 2023

The success of a church is rooted in a strong foundation. Obviously, the base of that foundation is Jesus. Then, we help provide essential training to new-church leaders, equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to lead their congregations effectively. Through comprehensive programs and courses, leaders learn valuable strategies for community outreach, discipleship, and pastoral care. By empowering leaders with the necessary tools and expertise, Stadia ensures that new churches have a solid footing from which to grow. Does this sound familiar?

One of the core tenets of Stadia’s approach is intentionally caring for children and the next generation. We recognize the immense impact that churches can have on young lives and, therefore, prioritize creating environments where children can feel loved, valued, and nurtured in their faith. We want new-church leaders to develop innovative and engaging programs that cater to the unique needs of children and teenagers, fostering a lifelong spiritual journey.

We’ve seen churches host their community’s children’s rec basketball leagues (shoutout to City Church!) and provide a new pair of shoes for every student each year (Thrive Church!). Children are close to the heart of God, so they’re close to our hearts too!

According to a recent study by the Barna Group, titled “Openness to Jesus,” there is a growing openness among people to explore matters of faith and spirituality. The study reveals that 66% of adults in the United States are curious about Jesus, while 62% express a desire to learn more about His teachings. These statistics highlight the immense opportunity for new churches to make a significant impact in their communities by providing welcoming spaces for people to engage with Jesus’ message.

Stadia’s ultimate goal is to create a ripple effect that extends beyond the initial church plant. By empowering new churches to thrive, grow, and multiply, we envision a movement that catalyzes spiritual growth in communities worldwide. Each new church serves as a catalyst for change, inspiring more individuals to embrace their faith and become leaders in their own right. Stadia’s focus on multiplication ensures that the impact of our efforts is exponential, leaving an indelible mark on generations to come.

We desire to be a beacon of hope, empowering new-church leaders to build thriving communities that nurture the faith of children, reach the next generation, and impact society. By offering essential training, resources, and tools, Stadia equips leaders with the necessary skills to navigate the challenges of starting and leading a church effectively. With a focus on intentional care for children and an understanding of the growing openness to Jesus, Stadia is well-positioned to foster transformative spiritual journeys that leave a lasting legacy. Together, we are shaping the landscape of faith communities, enabling them to flourish and multiply, making a profound difference in the world! Let’s start a ripple effect that allows new generations to know the love and life transformation of Jesus!