Congratulations, Pat Gelsinger!

Jul 19, 2019

Congratulations to our friend, Pat Gelsinger, on being ranked the best CEO in America by the employment website, Glassdoor. For the past seven years, Gelsinger has been the CEO of VMWare, Inc. in Palo Alto, CA. VMWare helps companies with virtualization and has specialized in hypervisors, also known as virtual machine monitors (VMMs). At VMWare, they “believe that software has the power to unlock new possibilities for people and our planet. [Their] software forms a digital foundation that powers the apps, services, and experiences transforming the world.”

Gelsinger is a dedicated Christian who has publicly stated that he plans to give an increasing percentage of his gross income to charity. In 2015, that percentage was at 50%. Along with many other incredible Christian organizations, Gelsinger has been a supporter of Stadia Church Planting. He is passionate about church planting and is also involved with our friends at Transforming the Bay with Christ, and organization committed to “catalyzing a holistic Gospel movement in the Bay Area,” through service and outreach including church planting. Last year, he was a featured at the Exponential regional conference in the Bay Area, and you can see him speak about Giving Permission in the Marketplace here.

At Stadia, we are all about changing the world and unlocking new possibilities for the people on our planet by starting new churches that share the transforming nature of a relationship with Jesus Christ. We are excited to know and work with people like Pat Gelsinger, who share this mission. Gelsinger’s example and leadership are inspirational to us, and we are excited to congratulate him on being ranked as the best CEO in America by Glassdoor!

To join Pat Gelsinger and Stadia in transforming communities around the world by sharing the Gospel in the most effective way possible, church planting, you can give now! We won’t stop until every child has a church!