Iglesia Rios de Agua Viva

May 2021 Update

Greeting’s sisters and brothers of MONAT! We are excited to share with you the last update on the ministries and construction of Rios de Agua Viva.  

We currently have 52 adults and 180 children attending our church. Over the last couple of months, we finished installing the roof on the multipurpose room as well as the electrical, the plastering of walls, and the installation of doors and windows in the room. We held the inauguration of the church planting that took place virtually. There was participation of pastors and staff of the Mother and Daughter Churches, and Compassion Colombia staff. It was a time of gratitude to God and celebration. 

In the last 60 days, the Church has been working with families and children, providing care for general and pediatric medicine in order to monitor their physical development process. Likewise, the church is making progress in educating children and parents on issues related to children’s rights and guidelines for protection against physical and sexual abuse. 

Some of the challenges faced by the church in these last 60 days are related to finishing of the construction work. This, added to the fact that the economic situation in the municipality is quite complex due to the increase in the rate of people infected by Covid-19, is causing a considerable negative impact on the finances of the community. 

As a church, we are conducting medical and pediatric checkups on 100% of our sponsored children. This, in order to monitor their physical development process. In this checkup we found that some children experience malnutrition and skin problems. As a church, we are following up on special cases to help them overcome these determining challenges in their holistic development process. 

On this day we want to thank God for all the blessings we receive through Rios de Agua Viva church and the project Seeds of Peace; for reaching our lives, open the doors, welcoming us and make us part of their family. We thank the project for ensuring the well-being of our children. I am very grateful and peaceful to know that my daughter is part of Semillas de Paz Development Center, because I trust in the work they do on behalf of our children. Thank you very much for all you do for us.
Maria Daniela Diaz

Mother of Sara Sofia Ricardo Diaz


  • The victory given by God to the congregation, at the end of the construction work.  
  • The lives of engineers, architects, builders and workers who generously gave their time and great effort to finish the construction work.  
  • The donors, for their great contribution to make Semillas de Paz Development Center a reality today.  



  • For the parents and guardians of the children so that the Lord may be giving the wisdom they need to continue guiding their little ones in their parenting process.  
  • The population of the Union Municipality in general, so that the Lord stops the contagion rates of Covid-19, so that the economy improves as well as the public order conditions.  
  • The life of each guardian of the children, that the Lord would add Grace and Wisdom to their lives so that they continue to do an effective work in the children.  
I thank God for allowing us to carry out this great project to build the physical plant of Semillas de Paz Childhood Development Center of Ríos de Agua Viva church.

We had to face many challenges, but the greatest of all was overcoming the obstacles that arose in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was not easy to get ahead, in the midst of so many difficulties. The construction work stopped almost for 8 months and during that time, the production of many of the construction materials also ceased, bringing exorbitant prices increase. We have seen the support of God, His fidelity and care in each circumstance.

This work is generating a great impact on the beneficiaries and their families, each day they appreciate more the work that the local church is doing in the community. The impact has been greater to see that in the midst of all the difficulties, we have been able to carry out this project.

It has been gratifying to see so many people involved in the work carried out, both from the Mother church and the Daughter church and people from the community who have helped us, who are not members of the church yet, but have spontaneously become at the service of the Lord’s work. The children are some of the most impacted, they constantly ask us when we are going to start assisting them face-to-face, since as a project we have not been able to start care at the Comprehensive Development Center, since until now, we are providing care for our children and their families virtually, due to the fact that COVID-19 contagion rates have been increasing in our town.

We are all expectant. This has had to be postponed because of Covid 19. We look forward to that day with great joy. Despite the limitations we have to meet, we are keeping all the biosecurity protocols to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 virus. Some children’s relatives attend the church meetings. It is wonderful to see the Lord’s promise fulfilled day by day. He promised us that the Ríos de Agua Viva church would be a place of refuge for many families in the Municipality of La Unión and that is how it is. This time, with a physical infrastructure and suitable people that allow us to provide dignified care that transform lives. We thank the Lord for your lives, because thanks to you all this has been possible. God reward you greatly.

Daniel Betín Macea

Pastor, Rìos de Agua Viva

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