Jehova Nissi

September 2015 Update

We currently have 40 church members and 89 people that regularly attend our church. We have had the privilege of. baptizing 14 people so far! As of September 2015, the bathrooms, overhead tank, pump water supply, and 70% of the multi-purpose room’s roof have been installed! Construction continues according to the proposal and will be completed as planned. We are waiting for the last 30% of the roof to be installed because issues have arisen with the roof suppliers. We are also waiting for veneer to be placed in the kitchen. The pastor believes that the work will be completed shortly, perhaps even by the end of the month!


  • For all issues with roofing supplies to be worked out quickly and easily
  • For construction to be completed in a timely manner and with excellence
  • For the children and families who will be impacted by the new building

Update Photos