Jehova Nissi

September 2014 Update

Last 28th of May the church had a symbolic act to place the first stone, which the members of the community,  mayoralty,  mother church, and the leaders of the new church attended. The construction started in  June,  after getting the permits from the local authority. So far they have built the walls of the classrooms and the electrical and sanitary installations have been made.

The Holistic Development Center Bet-­‐El CO798 already made the registration of 200 beneficiary children who participate in children’s meetings on Thursdays evenings. The church continues meeting in a house on Fridays nights with more than 40 adults, 10 young people and 80 children. The church desires to start to implement the curricular plan with the children in November, once per week. 

“When we started the work in March, CRISTIAN LOPEZ, 17-year-old, was a rebellious young man who almost lived on the street, he spent a lot of time in the corners and was confused with the drug addicts of this community.  Out of curiosity, he was at the ceremony of the placing of the first stone in the construction of the CO798, making fun of the church, saying a sentence ‘if this work is built in this area,  I  get baptized’  and he had to fulfill his promise.  Last month of August he was the first one to get baptized. This has been of testimony not only for his home, but for many young people of the area who also want to receive the Lord as Cristian did.”

Aracely Ramírez



  • The church prays children and their families will continue encouraged about the project so this community will be blessed by this new place.

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