Jehova Nissi

June 2015 Update

The Jehová Nissi church has been recognized by the community in Little activities that have impacted its inhabitants.  The most recent was the intervention to children and their families that showed virus transmitted by mosquitos. The church joined the local board led by the community president and infection focus was taught with the help of the health zone specialist from this development center.  Training on prevention addressed to community families is taking place. 

Construction work is at 60% in three classrooms, Church started the installation of aqueduct tubing connection that is just available for the neighborhood.  This will help install the construction of the bathrooms in the next months. The roof has not been installed; it will be installed in July 2015.  Through church management with the electricity company, electricity networks were installed. 

Children continue to be assisted one day a week while little by little the children´s classrooms construction is finished.  In the two hours of children’s assistance, they receive classes according to the Compassion Colombia curriculum and are provided refreshments.  Children were happy during the time of writing letters for their sponsors.

During the temple and CDI construction, many people from the main church “La presencia de Dios” were willing to serve as volunteer personnel.  We have the testimony of two church members:

Milton Mancilla Martínez, Agronomist Engineer:  He says that he served during the land clearing, filling, and leveling for construction.  “I am so thankful to God to have the opportunity of serving in this magnificent work.  I know that involving my life in this small help has brought blessing in my spiritual, familiar and social areas”.

Víctor Pérez De la Rosa worker from a banana company got ready to work in the construction on Saturday that is his rest day.  He thanks God and the pastors that allowed him to participate in this service.  He says that from that moment many doors were opened and the Lord blessing has come to his and his family lives in all the areas especially in health.


  • For the health of children, so that God may take care of them.
  • For parents to be aware that they should give their heart to Christ and teach their children about the Word of God.
  • For Mrs. Clara Matto Luna health, she is 46 years old and mother of Oriana Hernandez. She shows a lump which hurts a lot.

  • For strength for volunteers that are supporting this great work.

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