Iglesia Cristiana Cuadragular Central

December 2021 Update

Greetings brothers and sisters of MONAT! We are excited to share with you an update on the ministries and construction of Iglesia Christiana Cuadragular Cristo Rey.  

Being able to build the Childhood Development Center in the Cristo Rey neighborhood has had a very positive impact on the sector and the community in general, since many families did not have the possibility of someone providing help and support when they had challenges with their children or finances, today come and find in the church and Compassion a very valuable opportunity that has aroused interest. They are very excited about sponsorship because it will generate new opportunities in the families and improving the living conditions of children.  

The church has become a more united body, which makes it much more visible and recognized in society. We hold services or are in the community evangelizing on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Through our evangelistic mission we have seen 13 people come to faith in Jesus! 

Diana Reales, a mother attending the congregation: “The church has been a great blessing for me and my family. Through our time attending the church I have seen the changes in my life and my family, I try my best to put into practice what that I listen to in preaching and to control my temperament, in addition to transmitting the peace that God gives me in my family. I feel very happy, and I want to continue in this change process.” At least 70% of the children in the community attend the spiritual activities that take place in Sunday School where they are taught lessons from the Word of God and a snack prepared by the brothers of the church is shared with them. We have been able to help the members of the community not only spiritually, but also practically- through health, food, and other pressing needs.  

Interview with the Pastor 

How have the lives of the affected children been changed since the intervention’s completion? 

The lives of the children have changed in a inspiring way. When speaking to them, they say that they are excited about everything that will happen through the Childhood development center, it is an opportunity that many children were waiting for, and now many dreams they had can come true. They will have the possibility of receiving good care and support, which will be essential for the holistic development of the sponsored children. The parents or guardians of the children also state that they feel very comfortable with everything that is being done. 


How has this intervention benefitted the church or community? 

Having part of the infrastructure of the multipurpose room built has allowed us to carry out activities in which a greater number of people can atten and learn more about Jesus. The church has become more visible and recognized in society, this has allowed it to continue with the evangelizing mission, in addition to increasing the conversion of new people to Christianity which has served as a contribution to the construction of a great social fabric with the participating families and the surrounding community. 


How has this intervention affected your ability to minister to the beneficiaries? 

Undoubtedly, when trying to describe the impact that the fact of having the possibility of leading the intervention with the beneficiaries in the childhood development center has caused me, perhaps words would not be enough, because one of the things that has been able to impact me the most in the ability to minister is to be able to express a little of the feeling and responsibility that I have permanently in the work that I am called to develop, and that has turned into great challenges. Every day, I think about how to do or what to do to move forward the mission that I consider that GOD has given in my hands and, that in order to be successful and be a blessing, I need a great dependence on the Lord Jesus Christ. 


What would you like to say to those who provided the financial support for this intervention? 

This church is a great and wonderful opportunity for us as church members and the community in general because it enables us to grow in the spiritual, physical, and intellectual area. As a church, we have challenges that we make it through with God’s help, perseverance, and discipline. To all those people who have become perfect instruments and channels for the purpose, blessing and grace of GOD to reach many children and entire families for the kingdom of heaven, to contribute to the improvement of the quality of holistic life enabling many children to be for Christ… I tell you with all sincerity, “thank you very much”; May the GOD of heaven bless you richly and abundantly.  

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