Iglesia Cristiana Cuadragular Cristo Rey

August 2020 Update

Greetings brothers and sisters of MONAT! We are excited to share with you an update on the ministries and construction of Iglesia Christiana Cuadragular Cristo Rey  

So far, the church has the soil studies, plans, and sale/purchase agreement of the land. We have an existing structure on the land that we will maintain. The land was cleaned and kept organized since the church members permanently take good care of it.  

The Christian church, “Cristo Rey,” has not stood still in the spiritual growth of people during COVID-19. The mayor’s office of the municipality allowed the churches to hold meetings in the churches carrying out all the COVID-19 safety protocols. However, in recent weeks, as a precaution measure, since the number of infections has increased in the municipality, congregational meetings ceased. The leader follows up by telephone to find out the condition of people, and regarding the economic area, it has not been possible to carry out activities due to the same problem. 

One challenge we have faced is it has not been possible to obtain the construction permit since the office in charge of this process is more than 2 hours away and access to that municipality (Bajirá-Rio Sucio) is restricted. The deed process stalled since the owner was in Medellín city and must wait for the quarantine to finish before starting the process.  

In the next 60 days, we hope to obtain the construction permit and carry out the Land Legalization process (deed). We will hold the “First Stone” inauguration event, and hire the person in charge of the work and other corresponding personnel. We will also finally begin construction by starting digging the earth for the foundation. 

The blessing of leading this church has brought joy. I have recognized the many needs in the community, and with support, we are now able to help this vulnerable community somehow; a community in need of God and of His love. We hope to provide protection and a place where children and their tutors can surely come in search of some solution for their situation, a place where they are taught the word of God. They are given something to eat and they know that there are many people who are interested in their being well and they are not alone. 

Berney Rios Camargo

Pastor , Mother Church


We as leaders are grateful, first of all, to God and to you for the kind support you have given us, taking an interest in children, who, in one way or another, are affected by poverty. We thank God for the privilege of being able to provide them with a space for children and their families to not only learn from the Word of God, but to grow in the cognitive area by providing academic support, in the physical area by helping them in good nutrition and body care, and in the socio-emotional area to teach them to interact with other people in a healthy way. In addition, caregivers teach parenting styles and impart advocacy skills to be able to reach more than 500 people in the community and evangelize to them.  

On the other hand, we ask you to keep us in your prayers. Pray God will help us and for wisdom in all this process that we are undertaking; not only building but teaching the community, achieving the vision that is in the heart of God for all these souls. 

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