Rey de Reyes

June 2015 Update

Although construction has not been completed yet, two classrooms have been adapted, but they do not have a roof yet. The classrooms have concrete floors.  Classrooms will have good aeration and lighting.  During sunny days, a temporary shadow net is used. It has not rained, but if it rained a provisional polypropylene fabric will be used to prevent children from getting wet. The church is committed to finish the roof and install doors and windows by July 2015.

The kitchen has already the division walls in brickwork; the church is committed to finish it in July 2015. The dining room will not be constructed now and the multipurpose room will be used instead of it. Currently, the children`s refreshment is not being prepared in the project but it is bought and hygienically packed.

The project kitchen has been adapted with doors and a food storage room.  At the same time, there are two bathrooms to assist children.  Sanitary units have not been completely finished; children practice hands washing every day they are assisted at the Child Development Center.

The development center is assisting children three days a week in two age groups distributed in the multi-purpose room separated by a wood division. We have started children’s discipleship. Children like to learn about Jesus. Children will start their hygiene practices

Update Photos