Rey de Reyes

September 2014 Update

The church Rey de Reyes (King of kings) of the Council United Brothers in Christ of Colombia is working in the town of Ciénaga Magdalena, in La Alborada neighborhood in order to do the evangelism work in the area. The town of Ciénaga, Magdalena, is located at the shores of the Caribbean Sea. In La Alborada area live families that have suffered from displacement and they live in poverty and miserable conditions.

The construction started at the end of June because they have had difficulties getting the construction permits from the mayoralty of Ciénaga.

The construction is at 50%, the stencil for the second floor is already done. The multifunctional room is in raw structure and the three classrooms only have the walls raised. They installed a subterranean tank for water storage because of the scarcity of water in the area. The installation of bathrooms will be done in December.

Giovanni Solís Salazar, pastor of the mother church Rey de Reyes for more than eight years, is who is monitoring the new church and the development center. He is also preparing the pastors Yanelis Domínguez and Wilson Polo, a couple who started their ministry with him, and were in leadership for more than 5 years in the central church.

 “Because of Stadia’s challenge, the church has been strengthened and many people got reconciled with the Lord. We had a vigil with more than 92 people and this has attracted the attention of the community. I think that without Stadia’s help we would not be haven been able to advance as we have done so far and we really thank God for helping and blessing us and that we will continue impacting the poorest communities of the world.”




  • We ask God to allow all the children and their families to know God’s love and that this will be a favorable place for it.

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