Iglesia Cruzada Cristiana Dios lo Hará Otra Vez

November 2021 Update

Greetings sisters and brothers of MONAT! We are excited to share with you an update on the ministries and construction of Iglesia Cruzada Cristiana Dios lo Hará Otra Vez.  

We currently have 80 adults and 40 children regularly attending our church. It’s very exciting to us that we’ve been able to make significant progress, as some time ago we had so many problems that delayed the work as we mentioned in past reports. We have been able to lift the walls that separate the bathrooms that will be in the church. The doors and part of the windows have been installed on the first floor, we have begun to make the structure to fuse the staircase that leads to the second floor, in addition, we have begun to install the structure to place the roof. Despite all the difficulties in recent months, it has been possible to advance in the implementation milestones in order to reach a happy culmination of the work for the glory of God.   

In the last couple of months, we have been holding Sunday services for adults and Sunday school for children, evangelizing in the community, and working with the young adults in the community. We have had congregational fasts and services for women whether they are active members or not.  

We have already come up against many challenges as we work towards completing this construction. We have been recovering from the pandemic, a national strike, and other public order situations that our city has experienced. Although the costs of materials have not dropped as expected, as a church we decided to work very hard to achieve compliance with this process. The entire congregation has contributed a little bit so that this work can be completed as expected. 

During these next few months, work will be done on completing the roof, casting concrete for the stairs, installing missing windows, installing toilets, and adding the front doors to the church. The doors are important in adding safety and security to our space, as it feels risky right now without locks.  

First, we thank God deeply because we are sure that He has been the one who has allowed us to have this great blessing in the midst of our community. In the same way, we thank you for being part of everything in this project and have allowed yourself to be used by God to be a blessing for many people. We pray that the Lord rewards you in great ways through all that you have done for this community and for us as a church. God bless you. 

Nicasio Viveros

Community Member


As a church, we want to ask you to please continue to support us in prayer. We pray that God would continue giving us his support every day to continue with this workand when the church is finished that we would continue relying on Good for his strength and wisdom in the best way to reach our community and those that have been entrusted to our care.  


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