Iglesia Cruzada Cristiana Dios lo Hará Otra Vez

July 2021 Update

Greetings brothers and sisters of MONAT! We are excited to share with you an update on the ministries and construction of Iglesia Cruzada Cristiana Dios lo Hará Otra Vez.

We currently have 90 adults and 40 children regularly attending our church. Over the last couple of months, the work was interrupted due to the national strike, which caused a shortage of material and some public order issues. This forced the church to interrupt the work. At the end of the strike, the work began and in this short time it was possible to advance with the installation of columns, aerial beams, and half of the second-floor flooring.  

Within the church, we have continued sharing the gospel and reaching people within our community. Some of these activities included graduation for some of our children in our children’s ministry, a community meal, evangelism in the community, and services held in the church.

The biggest challenge has been being able to continue with the work in the midst of this pandemic and the national strike, which has caused us many delays.

During these next 60 days, work will be done on the roof, in the bathroom, and on the stairs. We will also construct the walls on the second floor, and we will finish the first floor where the Childhood Development Center will operate.

We continue to give thanks for the support provided. We as a church will continue to pray for you so that the Lord continues to pour out blessings until it overflows and abounds.

We are supremely grateful to God and Compassion for this beautiful process that I know will be a great blessing for the church and especially for the community that is very happy about this blessing. God has been good to us and we hope we can respond with that goodness. 

Yessica Miranda

Community Member


We ask you to please support us in prayer so that we can conclude this work satisfactorily and so that we can serve our community as it should be. Pray that that this entire process continues to be of impact and blessing for them and us as a church. In the same way, for each and every one of those children who will be sponsored.


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