Iglesia Cruzada Cristiana Dios lo Hará Otra Vez

June 2022 Update

Greetings sisters and brothers of MONAT! We are excited to share with you interviews with the pastor of Iglesia Cruzada Cristiana Dios lo Hará Otra Vez, as well as a mother of a sponsored child.

How have the lives of the affected beneficiaries been changed since the intervention’s completion?

I thank God for this new project, as it has been greatly accepted by the sponsored children and their families. The impact it has had on these participants has been great. They say they are thrilled and reflect it in their willingness to take part in everything provided by the program. They are expectant of all that will come. It is of great joy to know that this program can affect the community from a physical area, but also from the spiritual, knowing that the community needs to know and receive the message of the gospel.


How has this intervention benefitted the church or community?

I recognize that this new project has been a great blessing for our achievements. It gives us the opportunity to share God’s love with these newly benefited families. The number of members of the congregation has increased and we know it will continue to grow. We are working on showing to the community a church that shows God holistically, and that he can work in every area of our lives, and that the church is close to them and their needs.


How has this intervention affected your ability to minister to the children?

I feel grateful that today we can see once again the magnificent display of God’s love for humanity. This new project teaches us that, as a church, we must demand more and more of ourselves to provide help in all areas. Many times, we focus only on the spiritual, neglecting the other areas of the human being. However, through this project, we can understand that Jesus worked in every area of the lives of his followers, teaching that in this way we must work with this community that needs it so much. The Lord has endowed us with a great blessing and today we accept this challenge by deciding to be faithful in what he calls us to do.


What would you like to say to those who provided the financial support for this intervention?

All staff in the mother and daughter churches thank God for Compassion and the donors who have made this work possible. We are grateful for the support you have given us, for your prayers, and for the resources provided. We hope God may bless your lives, your families, your jobs, and whatever you undertake and that his favor be poured out upon your lives.

Francisco Velasco

Pastor, CO455

What was your life like before the church was completed?

This project and this church have been a blessing for the community, especially for my family. Previously, we did not have religious or recreational spaces, but by having this new church, we can receive the word of God and biblical foundations, which has brought us closer together as a family. I am glad that my children ask to be part of this project, receiving various benefits focused on their needs.


How has your life changed now that this church is complete?

Among the things that have been most affected in my life since we linked up with this program is that the relationship in my family has grown stronger. I have learned good parenting practices, which help me as a mother to generate well-being in my children. My daughter has received outstanding attention. They are gentle with her. They have taught her principles and values focused on her conduct and convictions; my daughter comes home to teach us what she has learned in the integral development center, demonstrating the learning she has had and multiplying that knowledge in us as parents.


What will this change mean for your future or the future of your family? 

This is a great opportunity not only for my children but also for the other children in the community who have the possibility of joining this project and church. This teaches them many values and foundations that will be useful to them to face their adult life, recognizing that these are challenging times, where the influence of society can take them down paths that do not have a good end. The integral development center is a beacon of hope for the future of our children.


What lessons have you learned?

As a mother, I have learned the importance of being diligent, of educating our children, respecting their rights, teaching them values, telling them about Jesus and teaching them to know him even from their young age. In addition, I have learned that human beings must be formed in all areas of his life.


What would you like to say to those who provided the financial support for this intervention?

To all those who have helped and contributed so that this project can take place in our community, we thank you very much and we wish God blesses you greatly. May all that you have done for us and for our families. God multiply you and grants you the requests of your heart. Thank you very much for everything.

Johana Zuñiga,

Mother of sponsored child, Carlos Rojas (4 YR), Iglesia Cruzada Cristiana Dios lo Hará Otra Vez.

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