Churches Looking for Church Planting Residents …

Jul 31, 2018

A simple Google search for “church planting residency” will bring up a ton of great links with information on residencies and a slew of churches, networks, and denominations that have them to offer (including our page that is usually first or second depending on which browser you use).

Something different about Stadia’s residency page is that, in addition to great resources, you’ll find a collection of opportunities around the country with amazing churches that are looking for church planting candidates to invest in. They desire to fuel the gifts, passion and calling of church planting leaders while cultivating lifelong relationships and building support systems to help weather even the greatest storms of life and ministry. Having a church family to send and support you can make ALL the difference when church planting life hits the fan (and it will). This is an amazing gift, and an often-overlooked part of a residency that most church planters and their families do not and will not ever have.

When Stadia partners with leaders for a residency, the opportunity is designed to provide the resident with tangible experience growing a ministry that will serve the host and develop the resident. Like a medical doctor in residency, the next steps are clear, it is not simply more education, residency is about practicing skills that will be put to work at the teaching hospital and beyond.

Just recently I found out about another incredible opportunity at one of our churches in Valencia, CA. Crossroads Community Church is looking to bring on a resident who will plant an independent, elder-led, non-denominational, bible-teaching local church within 150 miles of Valencia. This is an opportunity that most church planters would die for. Seriously. Check out and click on the CROSSROADS link for all the details. While you are there, check out some of the other residency opportunities.

…or just Google it.


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Bob Carlton, Director of Recruitment

After becoming a fearless follower of Jesus in his 20’s at a church plant, Bob knew he was called to help catalyze a church planting movement. Since then he has been recruiting, assessing, training, and coaching planters and pastors around the world. He has helped develop and lead numerous church planting networks, operating systems, and pipelines for planter cultivation. Bob is now leveraging his experience and relationships to identify emerging leaders around the nation that are considering a call to plant healthy multiplying churches. When not out helping others connect with Stadia, he and his wife Kristina can be found working hard to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their neighborhood.